If you’re feeling nostalgic for your school days and want to test out your math skills at the same time, this post is for you!

The following pages are from a minute book that was from Gibson Methodist (now Gibson Memorial in Fredericton). Interspersed throughout the minutes were pages from a child’s school assignments. Math, writing, history, health, it’s all there. The minutes were dated from the late 1800s so I’m assuming that the assignments were from around the same time period.

Let’s start out with some math questions. Some of the math assignments in the book had the answers included but this page didn’t so I’m leaving it in your capable hands to solve the problems. The first person to leave a comment or send an email with the correct answer wins the distinction of being the first person to solve the question. Hopefully the questions are a little easier than the infamous “When is Chery’s birthday?” math question (http://www.cbc.ca/news/trending/when-is-cheryl-s-birthday-singapore-math-question-for-kids-stumps-internet-1.3032029)

Math questions from Gibson Methodist

For those who are not so mathematically inclined (including me!), here’s a brief history on Newfoundland:

History assignment (Gibson Memorial)

And finally, everything you needed to know on safe drinking water. Water sitting in lead pipes=not a good idea!

Health class, Gibson Methodist