In celebration of Canada’s 148th birthday, here’s the music and lyrics for a patriotic song “My Own Canadian Home.” Has anyone heard this song before?  It was written by E.G. Nelson and composed by Morley McLaughlin, was very popular throughout the late 1800s and beyond. In 1967, it was adopted by the city of Saint John, NB as its official song. This copy was included in some files from Centenary Methodist Church (later to become Centenary Queen Square United Church in Saint John, NB).

You can read more about E.G. Nelson and “My Own Canadian Home” here.

Happy singing! And of course, videos of you singing the song are always welcome. You can scroll down to the bottom of this post for some transcribed lyrics:

My Own Canadian Home p 1My Own Canadian Home p 2


My Own Canadian Home p 3

My Own Canadian Home:

1. Though other skies may be as bright,

And other lands as fair;

Though charms of other climes invite

My wand’ring footsteps there,

Yet there is one, the peer of all

Beneath bright heaven’s dome;

Of thee I sing, O happy land

My own Canadian home

 2. Thy lakes and rives, as “the voice of many waters” raise

To Him who planned their vast extent

A symphony of praise.

Thy mountain peaks o’erlook the clouds-

They pierce the azure skies;

They bid thy sons be strong and true-

To great achievements rise

3. A noble heritage is thine,

So grand and fair and free;

A fertile land, where he who toils

Shall well rewarded be,

And he who joys in nature’s charms

Exulting, here may roam

‘Mid scenes of grandeur, which adorn

My own Canadian home.

4. Shall not the race that tread thy plains,

Spurn all that would enslave?

Or they who battle with thy tides

Shall not that race be brave?

Shall not Niagara’s mighty voice

Inspire to actions high?

‘Twere easy such a land to love,

Or for her glory die

5. And doubt not should a foeman’s hand

Be armed to strike at thee,

Thy trumpet call throughout the land

Need scarce repeated be!

As bravely as on Queen’s Heights,

Or as in Lundy’s Lane,

Thy sons will battle for thy rights

And freedom’s cause maintain

6. Did kindly heaven afford to me

The choice where I would dwell,

Fair Canada that choice should be,

The land I love so well.

I love thy hills and valleys wide,

Thy waters’ flash and foam;

May God in love o’er thee preside,

My own Canadian home.