New Carlisle Pastoral Charge is comprised of the preaching points of Zion United Church (New Carlisle) and St. Andrew’s United Church (Hopetown).

New Carlisle Presbyterian Pastoral Charge communion roll, 1906

New Carlisle Presbyterian Pastoral Charge communion roll, 1906

It is thought that Presbyterian work began in the New Carlisle area by at least 1800 when Rev. John Mitchell was sent by the London Missionary Society to Quebec. He had originally received a call from Montreal but chose to go instead to New Carlisle.

In 1820, Presbyterian families in New Carlisle signed an agreement to erect a church building. It is thought that a church did end up being built around this time because the oldest tombstone in the cemetery is dated 1823. A church at Port Daniel was built sometime prior to 1865.

In May 1865, William Scott was appointed by the Presbytery of Montreal to serve New Carlisle, Hopetown, Shigawake and Port Daniel. During his ministry, a church was built in Hopetown and opened on September 13, 1874.

It is unclear as to when the church in Shigawake was built but the first mention of a congregation in the area appears in October 7, 1884 and reference to an actual building appears in the records in 1914.

Paspebiac was first mentioned in the records as a preaching station on January 7, 1889.

On July 19, 1887, at the request of New Carlisle, Miramichi Presbytery separated Port Daniel from the rest of the pastoral charge. Shigawake joined with Port Daniel and the two were made a separate pastoral charge. Port Daniel and Shigawake rejoined New Carlisle Pastoral Charge around 1891 under the leadership of Rev. J.M. Sutherland.

A new church was dedicated at Port Daniel on October 29, 1893.

In 1925, the New Carlisle Presbyterian Pastoral Charge became part of The United Church of Canada.

Zion United Church, New Carlisle, 1989

Zion United Church, New Carlisle, 1989

After the formation of The United Church of Canada in 1925, the New Carlisle Pastoral Charge contained the preaching points of New Carlisle, Paspebiac, Hopetown, and Port Daniel. Shigawake was added as a preaching point by 1936.

By 1956, a student minister was sent to Marcil. Services were held in a vacant school building. On August 25, 1957, a meeting was held to officially form a new congregation, Student ministers served the congregation each summer and the minister from New Carlisle Pastoral Charge preached at the church in the winter. The congregation chose the name of St. Mark’s United Church. The church was closed in 1972 and the building sold on July 13, 1972.

Christ’s United Church in Paspebiac amalgamated with Zion United Church in 1966.

St. Andrew’s United Church (Port Daniel) and St. John’s United Church (Shigawake) were closed in 2011.

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