This page is updated regularly with information and links relating to refugee sponsorship and advocacy.





First Steps When Considering Sponsorship

  1. Two Page Overview – for those exploring refugee sponsorship
  2. Detailed Information Resource on Refugee Sponsorship (ISANS – prepared by the Immigration Services Association of Nova Scotia).  Specific to Nova Scotia but useful in all three Maritime provinces.
  3. Slideshow  introduction to Refugee Sponsorship prepared by ISANS
  4. Registration Form – If your group will be using the United Church of Canada as its Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) sign up to receive regular information updates.   Click here to register online  or for a printable form click here: Registration Form – Sponsorship Group Marconf.pdf.
  5. Healthcare for Privately Sponsored Refugees – Interim Federal Health (IFH) benefits applies to all provinces: Info Page – Healthcare for Privately sponsored refugees 
  6. Advocacy for Syrian Refugees – Sample letters to politicians urging them to support Syrian Refugees:
    Sample letter to the Immigration Minister
    Sample letter to the Prime Minister
    Sample letter to local MP
  7. When you have reached your fundraising goal click here to notify us: Group Readiness Notification Form.
  8. Syrian Refugee Support Fund: Application | Canadian Council for Refugees
  9. The Refugee Sponsorship Application Forms – Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP):
  10. Estimate cost of BVOR sponsorship
  11. The Process for BVOR Refugee Sponsorship
  12. Settlement preparation
  13. First year and beyond
  14. EN Syrian Population ProfileFR Syrian Population Profile
  15. Important information for sponsors regarding Syrian PSR arrivals – Dec 4, 2015
  16. CODE OF ETHICS – Final
  17. ‘A Parent’s Guide to Vaccination’ in Arabic; Vaccination Guide English