The Riverport Pastoral Charge consists of the preaching points of Feltzen South (Wesley United), Middle LaHave (St. John’s United) and Riverport (Trinity United) which are all located in Lunenburg County.


Ritcey's Cove Methodist treasurer's accounts, 1897Riverport was originally called Ritcey’s Cove, but in 1904 the name was officially changed to Riverport. The first Methodist preaching in Ritcey’s Cove/Riverport was held in a school house in 1819. In 1843, a small Methodist church was erected. A second church was dedicated on 29 December 1867. A third building was dedicated on 14 November 1897, and the second building (1867) was moved back from the roadside and became the Sunday School hall. In 1879, Ritcey’s Cove was separated from the Lunenburg circuit to become the head of a circuit including Feltzen South, Middle LaHave and Ritcey’s Cove. With the place name change from Ritcey’s Cove to Riverport, the circuit became the Riverport Circuit. A Methodist church was built in Middle LaHave in 1872 and a church was erected at Feltzen South in 1889.

In 1925, the Methodist churches in the area became part of The United Church of Canada.


In 1859, Central Presbyterian Church was built at Dublin Shore (New Dublin) and served Dublin Shore, LaHave and West Dublin. The Presbyterians at Dublin Shore (New Dublin) separated from the West Dublin Congregation in 1876. In that same year the West Dublin Presbyterian congregation joined the Anglicans and Methodists in building a Union Church at West Dublin. It was named the Bell’s Cove (Dublin Shore) Union Church. The Presbyterians decided to erect their own Church at West Dublin in 1909. It was named St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Church. This Congregation voted to remain Presbyterian in 1925.

The Presbyterians at Dublin Shore (New Dublin) erected a new church, Knox Presbyterian Church, which was dedicated September 25, 1895. A new Knox Presbyterian Church was erected at Dublin Shore (New Dublin) in 1909. The Knox congregation voted to remain Presbyterian in 1925. The Central Presbyterian Church was sold by the La Have Pastoral Charge in 1924 and was torn down soon after 1925.

In 1875, when the Presbyterian Church in Canada was formed, the LaHave Pastoral Charge (which was formed in 1862) was a part of the Lunenburg and Yarmouth Presbytery. The Dublin (later called New Dublin) Pastoral Charge was formed in 1877 and in 1896 included the appointments of Conquerall Bank, Conquerall Mills, and Dayspring which were transferred from the Bridgewater Pastoral Charge.

The appointment of Dayspring in the Dublin Pastoral Charge and the appointments of Kaiser’s Branch and Newcombville of the Riversdale Pastoral Charge were reunited with the Congregation of Bridgewater in 1897. The name of the Dublin Pastoral Charge became the Dublin and Conquerall Pastoral Charge sometime around 1907.

In 1920, Dublin, West Dublin, LaHave, Conquerall Banks, and Conquerall Mills were part of the same pastoral charge while Rose Bay and East LeHave (formerly Riverport) formed their own separate pastoral charge.

Rose Bay was also known as “the Crossroads.” A Union Church was erected at Rose Bay in 1847 by the Lutherans and Presbyterians in the area. In May 1890, the new St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church was dedicated at Rose Bay. The Lutherans bought the Presbyterian half of the Union Church which was removed and a new Lutheran Church erected on the site. In 1925, Rose Bay voted to remain Presbyterian.

A Union Church for Lutherans and Presbyterians was erected at Middle LaHave in 1870. The Union Church was eventually sold to the Lutheran Synod of Nova Scotia and moved to Bridgewater. It later became a home for orphans.

Trinity United Church congregational meeting minutes, October 11, 1927United Church:

In 1925, the Methodists, Congregationalists, and a large percentage of the Presbyterians formed The United Church of Canada.

In 1925, the Methodist church in Middle LaHave became St. John’s United Church. In 1926, the Methodist church in Riverport became Trinity United Church. In 1925, the Methodist church in Feltzen South became part of The United Church of Canada. The name Wesley United Church was adopted in 1941.

After the formation of the United Church of Canada in 1925 the LaHave Pastoral Charge contained the appointments of LaHave, LaHave Islands, Mount Pleasant and West Dublin. Some of the Presbyterians in LaHave/Rose Bay voted to remain Presbyterian. Those congregations that were part of the Rose Bay Pastoral Charge that voted to enter the United Church of Canada became part of the Riverport Pastoral Charge which in 1926 contained the points of East Middle LaHave, Feltzen South and Riverport. The name of Wesley United Church was adopted in 1941 for the church in Feltzen South.

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