The announcements for this week include:

  1. Maritime Conference GC Regions Consultation – Video chat
  2. Archives Hours
  3. Celebrating The Atlantic Ecumemical Council
  4. Pine Hill Divinity Hall Bursary
  5. Leaving a Church Building?
  6. Camp Ta-Wa-Si Opportunities
  7. Sherbrooke Lake Camp: Guess what? We’re hiring!
  8. Why I Give To Mission and Service

1. Maritime Conference GC Regions Consultation – Video chat


A further opportunity to participate in the Maritime Conference consultation about the size and number of Regions in the new General Council model will take place during three sessions on Thursday, January 21 and Friday, January 22. Using WEBEX computer video technology, up to 40 connections can participate in the conversation. General Council Executive representative Pauline Walker will be present for all three sessions.

The computer conference sessions will take place at:

2:00 p.m.             Thursday, January 21
7:00 p.m.             Thursday, January 21
10:00 a.m.           Friday, January 22

It is strongly encouraged for groups to form around a single computer, rather than to have many more individual connections. Having many connections runs the risk of degrading the quality of the connection.

To register for one of these conference, email Executive Secretary David Hewitt ( and indicate the time that you wish to participate. It is not necessary to register for more than one session since the same material will be discussed in each of the three sessions. Once registered, you will receive more information and connection instructions by return email on the day of your chosen session.

For more information, please contact Executive Secretary David Hewitt at or 506-536-1334, ext. 1

2. Archives Hours

The Archives will be closed on Thursday January 14th. If you have a request for Sarah you can email it to

15 February 1966 – 15 February 2016


To Those Throughout the Years Who Have Been Members of the Atlantic Ecumenical Council:

As you may be aware, The Atlantic Ecumenical Council at its annual meeting last May agreed to disband as of February 16, 2016. That process is well underway, and as part of that process, it was agreed to circulate a letter from the President of the AEC, John MacDonald, and a brief insert. John MacDonald’s letter is attached here. The insert is also attached here.. We would ask you to share the letter and circulate the insert during Week of Prayer services or other ecumenical gatherings and also throughout your denominations, Christian Councils, Theology Schools and through the various communication channels that you have with your people. We do thank you for all the support you have given over the past 50 years. Ecumenism has indeed had a great impact on all our lives.

John A C Wilson (Rev.)
Secretary, Atlantic Ecumenical Council

4. Pine Hill Divinity Hall Bursary


Annually, Pine Hill Divinity Hall at the Atlantic School of Theology offer a Continuing Education Bursary for which Ordered Ministers may apply. The details are available on the link below:

Applications must be made by February 1st, 2016 prior to commencement of study.

5. Leaving a Church Building?


If your community of faith is saying good-bye to a building, consider requesting “The Heritage Quilt” and accompanying materials to help honour the sacred memories that have been created in that place.  It has been on display at the Maritime Conference Centre for the last three years but has recently been taken down and is packed and ready to travel.  The quilt is available to borrow anytime.  Direct your inquiries to or 506-536-1334.

6. Camp Ta-Wa-Si Opportunities


Camp Ta-Wa-Si is now accepting applications for both paid staff and volunteer positions. If you like working with kids, enjoy being outdoors and are looking for something to do for the summer of 2016, check out our website for more information –
See you at camp!

7. Guess what? We’re hiring!


Sherbrooke Lake Camp is located on a beautiful 1000 ft natural beach in Lunenburg County Nova Scotia. Sherbrooke Lake is seeking qualified staff for Summer 2016! We are an overnight summer youth camp in Franey Corner, NS and owned and operated by the United Church of Canada. Our mission is to provide a natural environment where youth, under the guidance of positive role models, take part in a personal growth and Christian experiences that emphasizes community building, positive social interactions, environmental awareness, skill building, and fun!  More information available at:

8. Why I Give To Mission and Service


We do incredible ministry through Mission and Service. In many cases we partner with God to make real life miracles.

Check out my latest blog in which I explore my personal journey with M&S.  It is called “Why I Give to Mission & Service.”    Here is the link:

Don’t forget to get your M&S donations in on time! Thanks for all you do for M&S!