PC-5-1 Red Bank PC UCW minutes, January 1962

Red Bank PC UCW minutes, January 1962

The Red Bank Pastoral Charge in Northumberland County, New Brunswick has three preaching points: Red Bank (St. Stephen’s), Trout Brook (Wesley), and Whitney (St. Philip’s).


The first Protestant church in the area was built sometime after 1791 at Wilson’s Point. Rev. John Urquhart began holding services there in 1802 and ministered to local families. Prior to 1875, services were held at Red Bank in a local hall until a church was built in 1875. Red Bank was served by the minister of Black River Presbyterian Charge, Rev. S. Russel, beginning in 1875 until 1876. In this year, Rev. William McCullagh came to serve as minister at Red Bank and took up residence in the newly completed manse. Rev. McCullagh served the preaching points of Red Bank, Whitney, and Red Bank. A new church was built at Red Bank in the summer of 1886 and a dedication held on November 24, 1886. This building and the original church hall were sold and a new church building built in 1907. The church building was destroyed in the fire that swept through Red Bank in 1923 and services were held a local hall. A new church and manse were built and a dedication was held on August 31, 1924.

A Presbyterian church was built at Whitney in 1886.

The Red Bank Presbyterian Pastoral Charge became part of The United Church of Canada in 1925.


The Derby Methodist Circuit was carved out of the Newcastle Methodist Circuit sometime around 1881. The parsonage was located at Derby and a new church was dedicated at Derby on November 19, 1893. English Settlement and Williamstown were also appointments on the Derby Circuit. A new church was dedicated at English Settlement in June 1920.

The Methodist church at Trout Book was also part of the Derby Methodist Circuit.

In 1925, the Derby Methodist Circuit became part of The United Church of Canada.

United Church:

Upon the formation of The United Church of Canada in 1925, the Red Bank Pastoral Charge contained the preaching points of Red Bank, Whitney, and Halcomb. English Settlement was added in 1926. Halcomb was no longer listed as a preaching point by 1930 but reappeared in the listings in 1946. By 1961, it had disappeared from the listings. English Settlement was dropped by 1951 and Trout Brook was added as a preaching point in 1952.

The mortgage on Red Bank United Church was burned on July 15, 1943.

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