Hope your summer is restful and rejuvenating!

Please note that the weekly announcements will be sporadic over the summer months due to staff vacations. Note this is the last set for the next 3 weeks.

Take note that the Conference Office is operating on Summer Hours again this year until September 5th. The office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Wishing everyone a great summer!

The announcements for this week include:

  1. 30th Anniversary of the Apology Information
  2. Remits
  3. Licensed Lay Worship Leader Orientation Weekend
  4. Peace and Friendship Gathering “JIKSITUI” 2016
  5. Calls for Nominations for 2017 Honourary Doctor of Divinity Degree and Associate Award

1.  30th Anniversary of the Apology Information


image001United Church people travelling in the Sudbury area this summer may wish to attend the following commemorative service.

On August 20, 2016 the Moderator and representatives of the Indigenous church and other members of The United Church of Canada will participate in a commemorative service at the site of the 1986 United Church Apology in Sudbury, Ontario. All who wish are welcome to attend.

The event will be from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. It will be a time of storytelling, journeying, and ceremony with folks who were present at the 1986 events. The event will begin at Huntington University followed by a walk to the Cairn.  After that there will be a barbeque back at Huntington.

The next day, Sudbury churches are hosting a joint service at St. Peter’s United (203 York Street, Sudbury). The service begins at 10:30 a.m. where the Moderator will be preaching.

The organizers would like to get a sense of how many people will be attending the Saturday event so they can make adequate preparations for the commemoration and the meal that will follow.

If you are planning to attend in Sudbury, please register online at:
30th Anniversary  or by calling the Manitou Conference Office at: (705) 474-3350

Attached you will find:
• The information poster for the event (Please post at your church)
Maps to get to the Huntington University Campus
Accommodations list
30th Anniversary Apology – Bulletin Insert for churches to post

Thank you and hope to see you there!



Have you prepared any resource materials that you have found helpful in your context? Perhaps a brief summary sheet or bulletin insert? A Powerpoint or Prezi? Would you be willing to share it for use by others? If so, please post your info on the Conference Facebook page


Or, if that’s not a good option for you, please send to the Conference Office at info@marconf.ca, and we’ll find a way to share it. Thank you very much!

3. Licensed Lay Worship Leader Orientation Weekend


Attached is a Poster and a Bulletin Insert for September’s Licensed Lay Worship Leader Orientation Weekend.

Hazel and St. Ann’s Bay United folks have been working to make this event in Cape Breton a possibility. ANYONE who’s interested in this program can attend, even if they have not yet been recommended by their Presbytery to become a LLWL.

Those who have completed the Orientation are encouraged to take the first subsequent Learning Unit “Advent/Christmas” at Tatamagouche Centre, October 21-23. The additional Learning Units – “Lent/Easter”, “Pentecost”, and “Creation” – will be planned for 2017-18. A poster with more specific information will be available soon.

Please share this information far and wide. If there are questions, please contact Robyn Brown-Hewitt at llwlatlantic@gmail.com.

4. Peace and Friendship Gathering “JIKSITUI” 2016

Aug 16 – Aug 19, 2016 Tue 12:00 PM – Fri 2:00 PM


This year’s theme “JIKSITUI” is a Mi’kmaq word that can be interpreted as “Listen to Me” we will be using this word in the context “Listen to the Spirits of our people”.

This gathering is a four-day opportunity to gain knowledge around Aboriginal spirituality and traditional practices. Led by a group of recognized and experienced elders and ceremonial leaders everything happens in the context of the ceremony on the first day and closes in the same way at the end of the fourth. Throughout the gathering, from time to time, there will be smudging with sacred plants. A sweat lodge will be available for anyone who wishes to participate. Participation in any of these ceremonies is voluntary.

The Gathering will start at 12 pm on Tuesday August 16 until 2pm on Friday August 19. It is hoped that most participants will be able to stay for all four days, but people are free to come for a day only.

The cost for the entire 4 days is $390 including all meals and shared overnight accommodations.  The day rate without an overnight stay is $95.
Please register at least two weeks in advance to secure your spot in this gathering!

Click here for more information on how to register.

There are bursaries available for seniors 55+. Click here for the bursary application. Other financial support may be available through sponsors such as church, union, organization, etc.

5. Calls for Nominations for 2017 Honourary Doctor of Divinity Degree and Associate Award


Dear Graduates and Friends:

Please find the attached link for Calls for Nominations for 2017 Honourary Doctor of Divinity Degree and Associate Award and the CALL FOR 2017 NOMINATIONS FOR ASSOCIATES. The List of former recipients is also included, for your information. Please note the closing date for Nominations is August 19, 2016.