Lest we forget

Maritime Conference salutes our veterans and those who serve. We are blessed to be Canadians.




The announcements for this week include:

  1. President Rev. Catherine Stuart Blog
  2. More Than Friends Marriage Preparation Launch
  3.  Two ADVENT Programs from The Prayer Bench
  4.  Community Ministries

1. President Rev. Catherine Stuart Blog


Check out the President’s Blog “Common Ground: Visiting the Maine Conference of The United Church of Christ”

2. More Than Friends Marriage Preparation Launch


Two dates. Two places. Same time.

  • Thursday, Nov. 17, 2pm at First United Church, Truro.
  • Thursday, Nov. 24, 2pm at Maritime Conference Centre, Sackville.

We’ll have conversation on what the latest research shows about Marriage Preparation.

We’ll preview one of the five videos in the series.

The first 10 people who order the Leader Resource during the launch will receive a free USB. This USB drive contains the five videos. It is available ONLY with the Leader Resource.

We’ll have conversation about different models for easy use of More Than Friends.

And there is cake!


For more information, contact Janice MacLean, Project Coordinator, through the More than Friends website.

3. Two ADVENT Programs from The Prayer Bench.


Advent Small Group Study based on the Isaiah readings. Low-Tech! You get a Leader page with everything you need to lead a one hour study with your group, a Participant page with “Entry Points” for discussion, and supplemental resources if you chose to use them. The Isaiah Poems can also be used by worship leaders looking for information for a Advent preaching series. Read more


The Advent personal Email Retreat is called Advent Exclamations. Four stories. Four exclamation marks. Four opportunities to create a small space in the busyness of Advent. You take whatever time you have. You give whatever attention you are able. If you can receive email, you have all you need to get these four retreats. Here are your Advent Exclamations. These Ancestors! That Time! That Place! This Moment!  Read more:

4. Community Ministries


For those of you who have been looking for information on our Community Ministries – look no more!  A new page has been added to our website under Connect.  Here it is: