moderatorgiftsNovember 2016

Dear Friends,

I just now gave my gift to the Gifts with Vision for 2016!  I am excited to be a part of this year’s campaign and the good work we will be able to do through our United Church Partners in 2016 and 2017!   I want to invite you to join me in making a difference in the lives of others … in Jesus’ name.   Give an extra gift … give a Gift with Vision!

Roger Janes
Stewardship & Gifts Officer,  Atlantic Canada


Today is Giving Tuesday and I am writing to let you know about Moderator Jordan Cantwell’s giving challenge for this year’s Gifts with Vision campaign. She’s hoping everyone connected with The United Church of Canada will give a Gift with Vision. Nora Sanders, General Secretary, has accepted the challenge. Please join in the giving and in sharing the invitation to be generous. Please share this giving opportunity with your friends and family and share your story of giving too. On social media? Join us on Facebook on Giving Tuesday.

Since we launched the new Gifts with Vision catalogue in October 2016, people have given more than 750 gifts. Join in this story of generosity and meaningful giving on Giving Tuesday and through the Christmas giving season.

Check out these inspiring stories shared by our partners of the difference that Gifts with Vision has made in people’s lives at

Thank you for your meaningful gift-giving through Gifts with Vision. Your gifts bring hope to people in their community, in Canada and right around the world.

Advent blessings,

David Armour
The United Church of Canada

P.S. Gifts with Vision is your story too. Please share the story on social media and make even more good things possible. Ideas or questions? Contact us at 1-844-715-7969 or