Wishing you all a Merry Christmas filled with Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and a New Year blessed with good health.

The announcements for this last week of 2016 include:

  1. Holiday hours
  2. Christmas Message from President Catherine Stuart
  3. Youth Forum Seeking Facilitators
  4. New Archives Committee newsletter- “Archives and Artefact Beacon”
  5. Executive Director Position at Tatamagouche Centre
  6. Camp Wegesegum Needs You
  7. Need a gift for someone recently married or getting married in 2017?
  8. The Hours of Christmas Day FREE Resource

1. Holiday hours


Maritime Conference Office will be closing at noon on Thursday, December 22nd and reopening on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. Voicemail and email will continue to work as normal, and will be responded to promptly upon return to work. The holiday schedule for Conference and General Council offices can be found here: http://www.united-church.ca/sites/default/files/resources/holiday-schedule-gco-conference.pdf

If your concern is particularly urgent during this period, please leave your message with David Hewitt, Executive Secretary, at dhewitt@marconf.ca or 506-536-1334 ext.1.

Blessings to all in this season of light and love!

2. Christmas Message from President Catherine Stuart


Please click here for Christmas message from Rev. Catherine Stuart, President of Maritime Conference.

3. Youth Forum Seeking Facilitators


Maritime Conference Youth Forum is looking for some folks who are enthusiastic about youth ministry to be facilitators at the Spring 2017 Youth Forum event, which co-incides with the annual meeting of Maritime Conference in May (May 25-28).

You would spend four faith filled and inspirational days with youth between Grade 10 and age 19. It is a transformational experience for youth and facilitators alike.

In addition to being fully present at the event itself, facilitators must be available for a training weekend in Halifax (likely the last weekend of April).

Apply on-line at the following site:   https://goo.gl/0PuAAJ

Deadline for applications is Friday, January 6, 2017.

More information on being a Youth Forum facilitator can be obtained from Jodi Vacheresse (Facilitator Rep to the YF Planning Team) at “facilitatorrep@youthforum.ca“. You can also visit http://youthforum.ca

4. New Archives Committee newsletter- “Archives and Artefact Beacon”


Click here to view the first edition of the Archives and Artefact Beacon — a new newsletter about the history of the United Church in Maritime Conference.

Please post this newsletter on church bulletin boards and pass it on by e-mail.

Happy Advent and Christmas Reading!

5. Executive Director Position at Tatamagouche Centre


As part of the recent 5 Year Business Plan, recently released by Tatamagouche Centre and its Board of Directors, an Executive Director is to be hired.  You are invited to visit our website at:  https://www.tatacentre.ca/index.php/site/happenings to view the Position Description and our 5 Year Business Plan.

6. Camp Wegesegum Needs You


In order to broaden the reach of Camp Wegesegum and to make full use of this beautiful campsite, the Board of Directors is asking all Wegesegum alumni to help us achieve this goal.

Each summer, our camp has a number of time periods available for churches or other organizations to rent our facilities and to put on their own family camps, youth events, retreats or picnics.

In order to advertise these rental camp opportunities in your church or organization, we are trying to obtain the name of one person who would act as a local contact person for that church or organization by putting up a poster and setting out some brochures. If the contact person is a former Wegesegum camper, that would be great but not necessary.

If you would be willing to act as the contact person for your church or organization, we would appreciate that very much. If you are presently unable to serve as a Wegesegum contact person, we would ask that you send us names of other persons from your church or organization, along with their contact information, so that we can reach out to them in order to fill this small but important roll.

Please email the Camp Wegesegum Rental Opportunities contact, Lindsey Fraser at councillorlindseyfraser@gmail.com with the following information for yourself and anyone else that you would recommend as a local contact person in their church or organization:
Contact Person

Advent blessings, Betty-Jean

7. Need a gift for someone recently married or getting married in 2017? 


Offer a gift that goes beyond a Wedding Day.


Interested? Visit this page for more information https://morethanfriends.live/gift-cards/

The cost is $29.

8. The Hours of Christmas Day FREE Resource


With Christmas Day falling on a Sunday, I imagined a way a congregation could be together in Spirit,
though perhaps not in a worship service in a church building.

Or use this devotional in a quiet spot in the day to reflect by yourself or with family on the meaning of the day.

Download it here: https://prayerbench.ca/hours-christmas-free-resource/