The announcements for this week include:

  1. Condolences – Mary Euphemia (MacLean) O’Neill
  2. Conference Annual Meeting Registration and Information
  3. Seek Other Cs – Annual Meeting Theme and Info
  4. Rendez-vous 2017
  5. AST – The Seeker Bursary & Pine Hill Alumni Association Scholarship
  6. Free Volunteer Food Safety Presentation
  7. Mission & Service Pilgrimage Kenya

 1. Condolences – Mary Euphemia (MacLean) O’Neill

Sympathy is extended to the Rev. Andy O’Neill on the death of his grandmother, Mary Euphemia O’Neill.  Please click on the following link for full obituary:

2. Conference Annual Meeting Registration and Information

The registration for Maritime Conference and also the Mount Allison University form for Meals and Accommodations are up and ready to roll! To register click here.

The “Reports to Conference” page is now live and will be updated as information is received. Please check the page regularly for updates. Click here to view the page. 

3. Seek Other Cs – Annual Meeting Theme and Info

Seek Other ‘Cs’ is the theme of the Conference Annual Meeting! Curiosity, cultivate, congregation, conversation, community are just a few of the ‘Cs’ we will explore.

Rev. John Pentland is our theme speaker; John has written Fishing Tips How Curiosity Transformed a Community of Faith. Writing as a UCC minister, Fishing Tips speaks to our Canadian religious context and offers hope to our denomination.

Gary Patterson, 42nd Moderator of United Church of Canada says this: “Fishing Tips starts with a story – a modern midrash [re-telling], of the final chapter of John’s gospel: an unsuccessful fishing expedition until Peter and crew got some fishing tips from the Master – first and foremost is to grab hold of their curiosity and their courage and try fishing on the other side. Which really is what John Pentland’s book is all about – specific tips about how one might go about fishing from the other side in the 21st century.”

You are encouraged to read Fishing Tips before coming to the annual meeting; it’s available through UCRD. Also check out

4. Rendez-vous 2017

Maritime bus to Rendez-vous 2017 –

Are you attending Rendez-vous 2017 in Montreal this August?  Taking a group of youth?

Join the bus heading from the Maritimes August 15th, returning August 20th.  Schedule, stops, and registration coming soon!  Three tier payment option to make transportation accessible: $0, $25, $50.

Contact Lauren King: for more information and stay tuned for updates at!

 5. AST – The Seeker Bursary & Pine Hill Alumni Association Scholarship

The Seeker Bursary – Available to members of the United Church of Canada who have not yet commenced theological studies and are not candidates for ordination or commissioning at the time of application (covers tuition for up to two AST courses). Click here for the bursary details.

Pine Hill Alumni Association Scholarship 2017-2020 – Pine Hill Divinity Hall, in conjunction with the United Church Faculty Group of Atlantic School of Theology, offers a fellowship once every three years to assist United Church of Canada graduates of Atlantic School of Theology or Pine Hill Divinity Hall in pursuing advanced, post-graduate theological studies. Check here for the scholarship details.

6. Free Volunteer Food Safety Presentation

Non-profit organizations and service clubs are required to have at least one organizer or volunteer present during food preparation who has completed the Food Safety Training Course or has a certificate documenting attending a food safety presentation for volunteers as offered by Environmental Health.

A Free Volunteer Food Safety Presentation will be held at the O’Leary Legion in PEI from 6-9 pm on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

To register, please contact Environmental Health: 902-368-4970; 1-800-958-6400; or email

7. Mission & Service Pilgrimage Kenya

On March 25, a pilgrimage will begin! The pilgrims are Mission & Service Enthusiasts and UCW members from across the church. The group will journey to see and hear our Mission & Service globalpartners in Kenya, and a small group representing the UCW will also journey to Tanzania to the Morogoro Woemn’s Training Centre.

The pilgrims will see, hear and experience the work of Mission & Service partners, and we want to take you along with us! Pray for the pilgrims, and see our postings on theMission & Service Facebook page andThe United Church of Canada Facebook page as well as our tweetson the @mission_service twitter page. We will be blogging and posting images using the hashtag #UCCanKenya.

The participants in the Mission & Service Global Pilgrimage in Kenya are:

  • Marlene Lightning, All Native Circle Conference
  • JoAnna Bennett, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Hope Rowsell, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • David Hewitt, Maritime Conference
  • Ross Sherwood, Maritime Conference
  • Karen Hovey, Montreal and Ottawa Conference
  • Jill Bates, Bay of Quinte Conference
  • Denise Moore, Toronto Conference
  • Carole Bennett, Toronto Conference
  • Tim Reaburn, Hamilton Conference
  • Sarah Grady, London Conference
  • Sandra Fowler, Saskatchewan Conference
  • Kathryn Yamashita, Alberta and Northwest Conference
  • Jane Harding, British Columbia Conference

Staff leadership will be provided by:

  • Ruth Noble, Mission & Service Engagement Coordinator
  • Michael Shewburg, People in Partnership
  • Cheryl Curtis, Manager, Mission & Service Giving

Please keep the group in your prayers. We look forward to sharing the stories of the pilgrimage across the church upon our return.