The announcements for this week include:

  1. Conference Annual Meeting Important Information
  2. Elections for Conference President
  3. Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble 2017 Annual Conference
  4. Rendez-Vous 2017
  5. Order Breaking the Silence Fair Trade​ Coffee (wholesale price) by Thursday, May 18th
  6. Maritime Conference Special – Marriage Preparation Resource
  7. Contemplative Moment Cards
  8. SPIRITUAL MEMOIR WORKSHOP: Honouring the Stories of Our Lives
  9. LLWL Atlantic Learning Unit 3: Pentecost – Preach It!

1. Conference Annual Meeting Important Information


The 2017 Conference Annual Meeting agenda and Things You Need To Know pre-conference letter are now online and can be found by clicking here.

Please note that Youth Forum and Intermediates at Conference check in time starts at 1 p.m.

2. Elections for Conference President


At the Conference Annual Meeting this year, President Catherine Stuart will preside. During the concluding worship, President-Elect Richard Bowley will be installed as President for the 2017-2018 term.

During the meeting we will elect the President-Designate, who will serve as President for the 2018-2019 term. To view the President role duties for 2018 click here.

To nominate someone for election as President, please complete this form:

To offer to serve as President, please complete this form:

3. Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble 2017 Annual Conference


The Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble 2017 annual conference will be shared in partnership with St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church and its wonderful Spirit Pride conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Maritime Conference Committee on Affirming Ministry is offering financial assistance of $500 for one more representative from Conference to attend.  If you would be interested in attending, submit your name and a brief statement of why you want to attend and what benefit you hope you might derive to Rev. Bob Johnson ( or 506-465-9040) as soon as possible.  Program and registration information is now available on the Affirm United website.

4. Rendez-Vous 2017


Registration for the Maritime Conference Bus to Rendez-Vous is now live!

Register asap to reserve your spot:

Please note registration for the event must be done separately at

Contact Lauren King with any questions or concerns.

5. Order Breaking the Silence Fair Trade Coffee (wholesale price) by Thursday, May 18th 

Guatemalan liturgical stoles and crafts also available at BTS table.


The Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network (BTS), a  Church in Action Committee partner, is again offering cases of Breaking the Silence Fair Trade Coffee (ground) at the wholesale price ($58 for 6 – 12 oz. bags per case or $24.25 for a 2-lb. bag.) We make this offer to encourage churches to purchase Breaking the Silence coffee on an ongoing basis, buying wholesale from Just Us! for church events. Orders must be received no later than Thursday, May 18th. Email orders to Kathryn Anderson, Payment by cheque or cash at the Breaking the Silence table at the Annual Meeting.

BTS is also delighted to announce that Breaking the Silence coffee is now available at all Sobey’s stores. By purchasing the Breaking the Silence brand of Just Us! coffee, you  support small farmers and their families as well as the courageous work of the Highland Committee of Small Farmers (CCDA) in seeking land reform and economic justice. In addition, Just Us! gives BTS $.20 for each pound of coffee sold. PLEASE ​ENCOURAGE CHURCH MEMBERS TO PURCHASE BREAKING THE SILENCE COFFEE AT SOBEY’S.

BTS also sells gorgeous Guatemalan crafts and Just Gold honey at the Annual Meeting of Maritime Conference from a Guatemalan women’s cooperative, great for wedding, baby and birthday gifts, as well as individual bags of coffee at the retail price.

6. Maritime Conference Special – Marriage Preparation Resource 


Maritime Conference Special – Get the More Than Friends Leaders Package and pick up your free USB at the Annual Meeting loaded with the five core videos and promotional video. Not coming to Conference? We’ll mail. Only 6 available.
First 6 orders automatically receive the USB.
See for details.

7. Contemplative Moment Cards 


All we have is this moment. In this exact moment, something of our life is here to be lived, noticed, or engaged. Each card offers a simple gesture or a focusing experience that invites us to be present with our whole self; to be really here.

For More Info see:
If purchasing online and picking up at the Annual Meeting, please use the coupon word – postage – to save $4.

8. SPIRITUAL MEMOIR WORKSHOP: Honouring the Stories of Our Lives 


Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 9:30 am – 2 pm

at Visions United Church, 1270 Gorge Road, Stilesville, NB
Sponsored by Visions & the Prayer Bench with Janice MacLean

Our lives are full of stories. And when we look closely we discover these stories brim with meaning and faith. They are a legacy we want to pass along. Spiritual memoir honours what is sacred in our life. It is passed on in stories, in diaries, in journals, in letters and quilts, through family recipes, genealogies and heirlooms.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the practice of spiritual memoir, learn about several forms of spiritual memoir, and consider how we can explore our stories and tell them to the next generation.

Email or call Visions’ office (506-384-0843) to register:
Please bring your own lunch. Refreshments provided.

This workshop is offered through the generosity of The United Church of Canada and a Seeds of Hope grant and the Maritime Conference Bequest Fund.

9. LLWL Atlantic Learning Unit 3: Pentecost – Preach It!

June 2-4 at Tatamagouche Centre


This Learning Unit will focus on preaching and sermon crafting. It is offered for those who are currently serving as or recommended by their presbyteries to become Licensed Lay Worship Leaders. Details attached.