These recipes were found in some records of Great Village Pastoral Charge, Truro Presbytery (St. James United Church in Great Village was closed in 2014). Perhaps these recipes were intended for a future cookbook but in any case they look delicious!

Free of charge, I have a complete supper menu for you. For starters, I’m sure the Scotch soup and brown bread would be a big hit on a cold day. Next on to the main course of Yorkshire Steak. I can’t say I’ve tried it before but it already gets lots of points for looking easy to make and the best part is that you probably already have most of the ingredients at home already. Finally, ending the meal with some peanut butter coconut stripes is bound to make you the most popular cook of the evening!

PC-1-135-10 Scotch soup and brown bread recipe

PC-1-135-10 Yorkshire steak recipe

PC-1-135-10 Peanut Butter Coconut Stripes17