The announcements for this week of October include:

  1. Archives and Artefacts Beacon
  2. LLWL Learning Unit 1 – November 3-5 at Tatamagouche Centre
  3. Fundraising for Social Change with Kim Klein at Tatamagouche Centre
  4. Liberatory Story and Play at Tatamagouche Centre – November 10-12
  5. Register Now for Mental Health Work Moving Forward – November 4th

1. Archives and Artefacts Beacon

The latest edition of the Archives and Artefacts Beacon newsletter is hot off the presses. Click here for link.

You can also read past editions of the newsletter by clicking on this link.

2. LLWL Learning Unit 1 – November 3-5 at Tatamagouche Centre

Click on the REVISED & CORRECTED POSTER! for the upcoming LLWL Learning Unit 1: Better Get Ready – Advent, Christmas, Epiphany to be held at Tatamagouche Centre Nov. 3-5. This event is open to all who are training to be and all who are already licensed by their presbyteries as LLWL.

A revised brochure outlining 2017-2018 LLWL Learning Units to be held at Tatamagouche Centre is also attached here.

To register click here.   With questions email Robyn at

3. Fundraising for Social Change with Kim Klein at Tatamagouche Centre

The premise of fundraising for social change is simple: it is possible to raise the money you need to do the work you want.  It is not necessary to compromise your values or change your programs and it doesn’t matter if you work in a rural or urban community. Fundraising is also part of community organizing and can be built into everything an organization does.

Kim Klein is an internationally known speaker and author, and the author of five books including Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times, which won the McAdam Book Award in 2010.   Her classic text, Fundraising for Social Change, now in a new 7th edition, is widely used in the field and in university programs. Come learn from the best – It is possible to raise the money you need to do the work you want!   November 24-26, 2017  Click Here for more information.

4. Liberatory Story & Play at Tatamagouche Centre Nov 10-12, 2017 

with Game Designer Avery Alder

November 10-12, 2017 – Friday 5:30 pm to Sunday 5:30 pm


Game designer Avery Alder will introduce participants to tabletop roleplaying games and the transformative power of play. Exploring themes ranging from queer heartbreak to post-apocalyptic community to daring skyship adventure, participants will dive into playing a number of these games. Avery will highlight how games can be used as tools for better understanding ourselves, our relationships, and our collective struggles. Along the way, there will be conversations, skill-building, and time for reflection in break-out affinity groups.
Everyone will leave with the resources and knowledge to run games in their own communities. Learn how roleplaying games can be a force for reflection, transformation, and community!

Liberatory Story and Play will equip community leaders, youth, and support workers with unique tools for exploring and addressing issues of marginalized identity, community mental health, and collective struggle in a diverse and complex world.

Program Leadership Support provided by Rena Kulczycki

Program Cost: $375 (tuition, meals & lodging in a shared room)

$295 (tuition & meals only)

Can’t afford it?

Limited bursaries available! Please download the Bursary Form, fill it out, and email it back to us.


Thank you to the “Embracing the Spirit Innovation Fund” for financial support of this program!

Registration deadline: Thursday October 26, 2017

To register  click here or  call 902-657-2231

For poster click here.

5. Register Now for Mental Health Work Moving Forward – November 4th

This is an invitation to any who have an interest in or a passion for dealing with mental health concerns in churches and the community at large.  The Mental Health Working Group of the Church in Action Committee of Maritime Conference is hosting a gathering on November 4th to move its work forward.  Mark your calendar!The gathering will be held at the Maritime Conference Centre in Sackville, NB starting at 10:00 am and windup by 3:30 pm.  Light lunch provided.For more information and to register click here.