The announcements for this week include:

  1. Condolences – Alexander Morrison
  2. Workshops and Display Tables
  3. Annual Declaration in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Record
  4. Mission and Service 2017 Giving Report
  5. Licensed Lay Worship Leaders Atlantic: Pentecost – Preach It
  6. Stewardship Update from Roger Janes
  7. Plan now to attend the 50th Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education!
  8. Pension Board, Member at Large (UPDATED)

1. Condolences – Alexander “Alex” Morrison

Our sympathy is extended to the Rev. Sandra Morrison and family on the death of her father, Alexander Morrison, 95 yrs, who passed away peacefully, in St. Peter’s, NS, on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at the Richmond Villa.

Funeral service was held on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 in St. Peter’s United Church, the Reverends Carolyn and Victor MacLeod officiating.

Full obituary available at:

2. Workshops and Display Tables
(CAM Announcement #4)

There will likely be two workshop sessions during the Friday afternoon period of the upcoming Conference Annual Meeting. If you would like to offer a workshop, please complete the application form:

Display tables will be established on the perimeter of the Conference Annual Meeting on the floor of the arena. If you would like to offer a display table, please complete the application form:

3. Annual Declaration in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Record

Ministry Personnel are searching for the form for the annual declaration of Police Records Check.   Here is the link:

Deadline for completion of this form is June 30th, annually.

4.  Mission and Service 2017 Giving Report

The 2017 Mission and Service 2017 Giving report is now available. Givings to Mission and Service remain strong, with decreases less than anticipated. Congratulations to Maritime Conference for increasing givings from 2016! Please see the Giving Report here.

5. Licensed Lay Worship Leaders Atlantic: Pentecost – Preach It

April 27 – 29, 2018
Fri 5:30 PM – Sun 2:30 PM

The story of Pentecost recalls that ground-shaking moment when, fifty days after Christ’s resurrection, the Holy Spirit swept through his followers and transforming tongues of fire ignited a movement that would become the Church. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to explore the themes of the long liturgical season of Pentecost, including special days such as Environment, Aboriginal, Anniversary and Union Sundays. Special attention will be given to the practice of preaching. Each participant will prepare and submit a sermon based on seasonal texts provided by the Instructors.

Instructors: Rev. Dr. Ross Bartlett, Rev. Heather Hemming and Rev. Robyn Brown-Hewitt

Program Cost: $420 (tuition, meals & shared accommodations)
Single room: $470
Accompanying partners $190 (no program, overnight & meals only)
Registration deposit is $150, residual amount due at program start.

Registration Deadline is April 13, 2018

Register here!

6. Stewardship Updates – April 2018
Growing Our Faith through Generosity

Use me as a resource!
Looking for encouragement? New ways to think about stewardship? Resources to help grow Congregational Giving, Planned Legacy Giving and Mission & Service? What is the United Church of Canada Foundation and the investment opportunities for our community of faith? How do we help grow support in order to help cultivate strong generous thankful disciples? Contact me. Let’s talk.

Roger Janes
Stewardship & Gifts Officer, Atlantic Region
709-486-3239 (cell)


Great article:

  • Research on Charitable Giving in Canada over the last 30 Years.  This has interesting insights and information for us in the United Church.   See:   30 Years of Giving in Canada


Upcoming Webinars:

A Giving Program That Works – Loving Our Neighbours 2018
April 25, 2018 2- 3:30pm

Loving Our Neighbours is your guide to increasing generosity and giving in your congregation to support God’s mission. It’s a time for learning, reflection, prayer, and generosity. It’s also an opportunity for the people in your community to deepen their faith, creating a foundation for future mission and for seeing generosity and gratitude as a way of life and a spiritual practice.

Every congregation has already received a copy of the resources materials. In this webinar:

  • Learn what makes this giving program successful from congregational leaders who have put it into practice.
  • Hear from people across the country about what has worked in their congregations and why.
  • discover practical and specific ways to build generous support for your ministry

This program is specifically designed for:

  • Stewardship Committee members
  • Finance Committee members
  • Board/Council members
  • clergy

We encourage you to send two or three people from your congregation to the program; it will make it much easier to implement these strategies in your own setting.

Click HERE for more information


How to Ask from the Pulpit
May 16, 2018  2-3:30pm

Course Description

It can be tough to talk about money in a sermon. To some clergy it feels like begging for their salary; to others it’s hard to make the connection between the administrative needs of the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this webinar Dave Jagger and Roger Janes will share their experience of encouraging generosity from the pulpit and in other congregational settings, and describe how giving can be a spiritual discipline.

We’ll explore topics such as:

  • New research on why people give
  • Practical things that Dave and Roger have done successfully
  • How to be ready with clear answers when parishioners ask about generosity and church finance
  • How to connect mission and finance;

By the end of our webinar you’ll have:

  • Biblical texts for sermons, offerings and prayers that teach and connect us to the mission and ministry of God through your church.
  • Easy, obvious & strategic steps to integrate teaching about generosity into the whole church year.

Click HERE for more information

7. Plan now to attend the 50th Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education! 

The 50th Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education (ASTE) takes place at First United Church and Dal AC in Truro NS, June 10-15 2018, with  presenters Jan Phillips and Michael Morwood.

The Theme is “BEYOND DREAMING – Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Don’t miss this Special Year.  Register by May 10th.

For a brochure with more information and Registration Form click on

8. Pension Board, Member at Large (UPDATED)

The Pension Board is seeking a currently serving or retired minister to join as one of its members at large. Training is provided. See attached description.

—Deadline for application: April 25, 2018

Expressions of interest and nominations can be submitted using this simple online form. However, people are also welcome to submit by email, mail, or whatever method works best for them, so long as it is received by April 25th.