The announcements for this week include:

  1. Elections at the Conference Annual Meeting
  2. “Congregational Minutes” for CAM
  3. Registration Deadline for Conference Annual Meeting
  4. Annual Declaration in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Record
  5. Register Now For Intermediates and Youth Forum!
  6. PAUSE TO LISTEN: A Spiritual Retreat For Environmentalists
  7. Host “Children’s Adventure Camp” with the GO Project in your community this summer!

1. Elections at the Conference Annual Meeting
(CAM announcement #3)

Deadlines have been extended!!

There will be three different kinds of elections taking place at this year’s Conference Annual Meeting:

  1. President-elect: given the possibility of wide-spread systemic re-structuring in the United Church, there is a high likelihood that Conferences will cease to be at the end of 2018. However, there is still a possibility that they might not, or that implementation might be delayed. Also, the President-elect is an ex-officio Commissioner to the General Council. Therefore, in order to be prepared for all possibilities, as well as to ensure that Maritime Conference is fully represented at the 43rd General Council, there will be an election for President-elect.

Nominees for President should fill in the nomination form before :

The description of the President’s Duties and Role can be found here:

  1. Commissioners (38) to General Council will be elected as follows:
    1. Remaining nominees from Presbyteries/Synod for a total of 28
    2. The President-designate (Catherine MacDonald)
    3. The Youth Forum pilgrim
    4. 3 other persons under the age of 30
    5. 5 remaining Commissioners with a balance of lay persons and ministry personnel.


Nominees for Commissioner should fill in the nomination form :


  • Please note, nominees for Moderator need to be a Commissioner in order to run.


  1. Nominees for the Denominational Executive: within the package of structural changes adopted by the 42nd General Council is a change from the current 50-member General Council Executive to an 18-member Denominational Executive. The Moderator, the immediate Past-Moderator and the General Secretary will serve on the Executive. Each Conference has been asked to nominate 3 to 5 people from whom the GC Nominations Committee will then recommend 15 people with consideration for the diversity of an intercultural church, lay/ministry personnel, and geography, as well as ensuring that competencies in theology, governance, finance, and vision are present within the group of those recommended.


Nominees for the Denominational Executive should fill in the nomination form :

2. “Congregational Minutes” for CAM

In preparation for this years AGM and Theme Presentation table group time, you are invited to ponder a “Congregational Minute”.  A 1-2 minute story from your congregational life.  A story that uplifts and celebrates the congregation you are now part of; Or perhaps the one that was part of your growing up; or perhaps one in which you serve or served in ministry. Is there a story that you have told over and over and over again?

Or perhaps one you have never shared before, but is held deeply in your heart and memory.

If you wish bring along a momento, a photo, or an item – something to “Show & Tell” your Congregational Minute.

If you have any questions please contact Mary Beth Moriarity.

3. Registration Deadline for Conference Annual Meeting

Registration deadline is Friday, April 27. While your registration will be accepted after this date, seating capacity on the arena floor means that at this time we cannot guarantee seating on the arena floor at all times. At check-in you may receive instructions about times during which you will be directed to designated seating in the bleachers.

4. Annual Declaration in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Record

Attention Ministry Personnel! This is the form for the annual declaration of Police Records Check. Click on this link:

Deadline for completion of this form is June 30th, annually.

5. Registration Deadline for Intermediates and Youth Forum is April 27th!  

Register now for Intermediates at Conference at

Register now for Youth Forum at

Please send all registration fees to Maritime Conference, 21 Wright St., Sackville, NB E4L 4P8 with cheques made payable to Maritime Conference Fund.

6. PAUSE TO LISTEN: A Spiritual Retreat For Environmentalists

May 11th-13th

United Church friends, take up this chance to connect with nature, join with others who share your passion, or simply rejuvenate and refresh. The Environment Network of the Anglican Diocese of NS and PEI is hosting a spiritual weekend of reflection in nature and fellowship at Tatamagouche Centre. There will be time for nature walks, canoeing, quiet reflection, a water ceremony and prayer, worship and more. Come enjoy the beautiful trails,  labyrinth, gardens, and the views of scenic Tatamagouche Bay and French River.

Registration fee $50. This includes 2 nights accommodation double occupancy (option for single room for a fee), all meals, breaks, activities. This event is sponsored by the Diocese Environmental Network and the Environmental Working Group of Maritime Conference.  Donations towards expenses will be welcomed.

Book now: limited spots available!

For more information:,
902-452-1304 or click here for poster.

7. Host “Children’s Adventure Camp” with the GO Project in your community this summer!

Those who have hosted the GO Project’s “Children’s Adventure Camp” are asking for it again.  There are still  a couple of spaces for congregations wanting to apply to host of this great alternative to Vacation Bible School this summer. The program and the staff come to you!  Want to know more?

Once again 2018 Christian Life and Growth Committee of Maritime Conference is offering financial assistance up to $500 for congregations hosting “Children’s Adventure Camp”. A maximum of 6 sites will be approved for funding in 2018. Please complete the following online submission.