The announcements this week include:

  1. Condolences – Edith Palmer
  2. CAM Announcement #11 – What and Where
  3. A Staff Committee Request and Celebration
  4. #TrueStoryMC2018
  5. Reports to Conference 2018 Now Online
  6. Retirees and Jubilarians Banquet Tickets
  7. Photos of Special Moments (CAM announcement #7)
  8. “Congregational Minutes” for CAM
  9. Annual Declaration in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Record
  10. O​rder Breaking the Silence Fair Trade​ Coffee, wholesale price,​ by Thursday May 17th
  11. Stewardship Updates! Equipping for God’s Mission (May 2018)

1. Condolences – Edith Palmer

Sympathy is extended to Rev. Elaine Palmer Harding on the passing of her mother, Edith Palmer, 96 yrs, who passed away on May 13, 2018. Resting at the Ferguson Funeral Home and Chapel, O’Leary with visiting hours on Wednesday from 6:30 – 8 pm. Funeral service at the O’Leary United Church with Rev. Robert Lockhart officiating on Thursday at 2 pm.

Full obituary is available at

2. CAM Announcement #11 – What and Where

Here’s everything you need to know before coming to annual meeting.  Click here for the details.

3. A Staff Committee Request & Celebration

As we enter a new chapter of our church life together, your staff committee is calling on every pastoral charge and presbytery to ponder how we can give thanks for the #TrueStoryMC2018 of our staff.  We invite you to use the tag #TrueStoryMC2018 and your social media of choice to share a memory, a moment of thanksgiving, or a word of praise for our Conference staff team. If you would like to share your good news with the committee, email  We will also be celebrating our staff on Friday night during the meeting, so please join us as we celebrate these remarkable people as our #TrueStoryMC2018 continues.

4. #TrueStoryMC2018.

The Theme time for this year’s Annual Meeting is based on John 21:25. As the gospel suggests, all the stories of Christ alive throughout the generations can not possibly contained in one place, one book!! During the Annual Meeting we will celebrate the work and witness of Maritime Conference 1925 – 2018. We invite you to share your stories, events, names, thoughts, memories and hopes by using the hashtag #TrueStoryMC2018 starting now! In this way we will share our stories far and wide (and resist the need to use up more paper!)

5. Reports to Conference 2018 Now Online 

Reports to Conference 2018.pdf  is now available online at All material contained in this report is also posted individually on the Annual Meeting website page.

6. Retirees and Jubilarians Banquet Tickets 

Have you reserved your tickets for the Retirees and Jubilarians Banquet yet? The banquet will be held this year on Saturday, May 26th at 5:00 pm at the Sackville Royal Canadian Legion, 15 Lorne Street, Sackville.  Tickets cost $25 each. For tickets please contact the Rev. Catherine Stuart by email or call Conference Office 506-536-1334 to reserve yours.

7. Photos of Special Moments (CAM announcement #7)

The theme for the upcoming Conference Annual Meeting is #TrueStory (John 21:25). Conference members are invited to send in photos ahead of time which reflect a special moment, personality or event that occurred in your pastoral charge in the past, which may not have been fully captured in the minutes. We will be looking back on our past as a Conference and these photos might help stimulate table group discussions. Please email photos to

8. “Congregational Minutes” for CAM

In preparation for this years AGM and Theme Presentation table group time, you are invited to ponder a “Congregational Minute”.  A 1-2 minute story from your congregational life.  A story that uplifts and celebrates the congregation you are now part of; Or perhaps the one that was part of your growing up; or perhaps one in which you serve or served in ministry. Is there a story that you have told over and over and over again?

Or perhaps one you have never shared before, but is held deeply in your heart and memory.

If you wish bring along a momento, a photo, or an item – something to “Show & Tell” your Congregational Minute.

If you have any questions please contact Mary Beth Moriarity.

9. Annual Declaration in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Record

Attention Ministry Personnel! This is the form for the annual declaration of Police Records Check. Click on this link:

Deadline for completion of this form is June 30th, annually.

10. O​rder Breaking the Silence Fair Trade​ Coffee, wholesale price,​ by Thursday, May 17th.  Guatemalan liturgical stoles and new crafts, including gifts for babies, available at BTS table.

The Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network (BTS), a  Church in Action Committee partner, is offering cases of Breaking the Silence Fair Trade Coffee (ground) at the wholesale price ($58 for 6 12 oz. bags per case or $24.25 for a 2-lb. bag.) We make this offer to encourage churches to purchase Breaking the Silence coffee on an ongoing basis, buying wholesale from Just Us! for church events. Orders must be received no later than Thurs., May 17th. Email orders to Kathryn Anderson, Pay by cheque or cash at the BTS table at the Annual Meeting. Gorgeous new crafts from Guatemala will be for sale, including a great selection of baby gifts and children’s toys,great for grand-parents seeking something n!

BTS is also delighted to announce that Breaking the Silence coffee is now available at all Sobey’s and Foodland stores. By purchasing the Breaking the Silence brand of Just Us! coffee, you  support small farmers and their families as well as the courageous work of the Highland Committee of Small Farmers (CCDA) in seeking land reform and economic justice. In addition, Just Us! gives BTS $.20 for each pound of coffee sold. PLEASE ​ENCOURAGE CHURCH MEMBERS TO PURCHASE BREAKING THE SILENCE COFFEE AT SOBEY’S AND FOODLAND.

11. Stewardship Updates!
Equipping for God’s Mission (May 2018)

Click here for Stewardship Updates May 2018 Maritime which includes: the latest 2017 Mission & Service year end Information; Congregational Giving: Called to be the Church: Loving Our Neighbours;   Generosity, Giving & Gratitude Seasonal Ideas for May;  and Stewardship Webinars.