The announcements for this last week of May include:

  1. Condolences – Rev. Margie Cameron Whynot
  2. Presentations to Conference Annual Meeting
  3. Spiritual Memoir Small Group Study & Worship Series (First service is free)
  4. Camp Wegesegum 2018 Spring Newsletter
  5. Youth Forum Seeking Individuals for Planning Team

1. Condolences – Rev. Margie Cameron-Whynot

Sympathy is extended to Norma and the family of the Rev. Margie Cameron- Whynot, who died on 24 May 2018, at the age of 73. Ordained by Maritime Conference, United Church of Canada in 1985. Margie served as a student minister at Vaughan’s United Church ’82, Grace Memorial UC- Mountainview- Windsor PC, Vancouver BC ’83, St John’s PC United Church ’84. After her ordination, Margie served at West Bay PC, CB (85-92); Salt Springs- Lyons Brook- Scotsburn, Pictou Co. (92-96); and Rawdon PC, Hants Co. (96).

Celebration of Life Service was held on Monday, May 28th at 1 pm. from Snow’s Funeral Home, 339 Lacewood Dr, Halifax.

Full obituary available online:

2. Presentations to Conference Annual Meeting

Please continue to check the Annual Meeting web page for updates. These will include worship materials and slide presentations from various sources.

Go to:

3. Spiritual Memoir Small Group Study & Worship Series (First service is free) 

This small group study and worship series is part of the Spiritual Memoir Project hosted on the Prayer Bench website. The project is a partnership between Visions United Church in Moncton, and the Prayer Bench.

Visit this post to learn more about the worship service series (four complete services) and make sure you download the first worship service, which is free for you to use. This series is developed and written by Shawn Redden and Janice MacLean. Visit:

The four week Small Group Study, StoryTellers, explores spiritual memoir by inviting participants to share stories found in their quilts and diaries, letters and precious possessions. Read the full description here:

Spring sales and more information on these resources in the Prayer Bench Shop. Visit

4. Camp Wegesegum 2018 Spring Newsletter

Click here for the 2018 Spring Newsletter.

5. Youth Forum Seeks Individuals for Planning Team

Youth Forum seeks individuals to serve on the Planning Team. This vibrant ministry, which has served the youth of Maritime Conference for nearly 40 years, is entering a time of transition as the United Church embarks upon a new structure. An important task for the 2018-2019 Planning Team will be to work with the new regions to establish how the ministry will continue serving into the future.

Accordingly, we are seeking individuals to serve for one-year for now. People may, of course, seek re-election in 2019 should they feel so called.

The positions that are open are as follows:
* Chair
* Co-Directors for the Spring 2019 YF event (2 positions)
* Secretary
* Communications Co-ordinator
* Registrar (tentative opening)
* Chaplains (2 positions)

[For the Chaplain positions, applicants with counselling, crisis management training, mental health training, and experience in worship planning are particularly encouraged].

More information about any of these positions is available from the Chair of the Planning Team, Larry Hale (

The Planning Team will meet at the following times:
* A Web Conference meeting to plan the Fall Youth Forum Event (likely July)
* The Fall Youth Forum Event in 2018 (September 28th to 30th)
* A Planning Team weekend meeting (Friday evening through Sunday morning) in the Fall of 2018 (likely late October).
* A winter Web Conference meeting in 2019 (one evening in January/February)
* Youth Forum Training Weekend (Friday evening through Sunday morning) and the Spring Youth Forum Event [the dates and locations of these are not yet known]
* Follow-up Meeting after the spring YF event (sometime in June)

If applying, please state which position(s) you are interested in, and provide a short paragraph (no more than 6 lines) of explanation as to why you feel called to serve in that position and what Youth Forum means to you. Deadline for application is Thursday, June 8th at noon. Send applications to the Chair of the Planning Team, Larry Hale (