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The announcements for this week include:

  1. Condolences – Rev. James Herman ‘Jim’ Hicks; Rev. S. Raymond Purchase
  2. Clergy Day Away
  3. Concerned About “Fracking” Conversations Re-opening
  4. Church in Action Letter to Pension Board
  5. Annual Declaration in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Record
  6. Call for Displays on Scripture and Art

1. Condolences – Rev. James Herman ‘Jim’ Hicks

Sympathy is extended to the family of the Rev. James Herman ‘Jim’ Hicks – 92 years, of Dartmouth, N.S., who passed away on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. Visitation will occur on Tuesday, June 12th, from 7-9 p.m. in Cole Harbour Woodside United Church, 15 Bissett Rd., and the funeral will be held there Wednesday, June 13th, at 11 a.m. Reception to follow in the church hall. Full obituary is available at:

Condolences – Rev. S. Raymond Purchase

Sympathy is extended to the family of the Rev. S. Raymond Purchase – 100 years, who passed away in Ottawa on Sunday, June 10, 2018. Funeral details are not available at this time.

2. Clergy Day Away

The idea is to offer a simple format that anyone with the desire and space to do so, can initiate and host a small gathering for colleagues.

The purpose is collegial support and community building around some intentional learning and fun. For information on how to host click here.

For information on attending the first “Clergy Day Away” hosted by Laura Hunter with Linda Yates, July 18-19 click here.

Questions call or email Laura Hunter, Conference Minister at 506-536-1334 x3 or

3. Concerned About “Fracking” Conversations Re-opening

Several provinces currently have moratoriums on “fracking” (hydraulic-fracturing) in conjunction with explorations for onshore shale oil and gas. However industry associations have been lobbing provincial governments for the industry to be re-opened.  There is public concern that the moratoriums may be lifted.

The Environmental Working Group of Maritime Conference has written a letter to key leaders in the area urging that any such conversations proceed with caution.  If you are interested in addressing this topic with your local representatives you can find the text of the letter and a link to the position taken by Maritime Conference in 2012 by clicking HERE.

4. Church in Action letter to Pension Board

The Church in Action Committee wants to share with Maritime Conference the letter it has sent to the United Church Pension Board. Click here to view the letter. This is a follow-up letter after the Church in Action Committee heard Sister Maudilia Lopez Cardona’s testimony at our May 24th meeting and at the Annual Meeting of Maritime Conference. We urge you to read this letter which asks the Pension Board to support demands for reparations from communities affected by Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine in Guatemala.

You can see Sister Maudilia addressing the gathering by clicking HERE.

5. Annual Declaration in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Record

Attention Ministry Personnel! This is the form for the annual declaration of Police Records Check. Click on this link:

Deadline for completion of this form is June 30th, annually.

6. Call for Displays on Scripture and Art

The Interfaith Committee at AST is planning an event at the School in the fall of 2018 at which displays of how the world of art illustrates and enhances the message of Scripture in various religious traditions. The Committee is asking that examples and illustrations of this theme be loaned for the event period to be displayed at the School.

The displays may be works of art relating to Scripture or examples of Scriptures themselves and embellished through artwork. The realm of art may also be illustrated with examples of poetry, music or presentations, for example, in Power Point. All suggestions will be considered.

It is possible that an evening lecture and discussion could be held during the display period. The event period will extend through October 2018.

Proposals for displays should be submitted to the chair David MacLachlan ( by June 30, to Linda Moxsom-Skinner ( by September 15, or may be communicated to any member of the planning committee.

Committee members: David MacLachlan (chair), Ken MacIntosh, Linda Moxsom Skinner, Dorothy Miller, Kees Zwanenburg.