I’m going back to my favorite cookbook in the Archives: Tried and Proved Recipes from the Exmouth Methodist Church Ladies Group in 1909. Seeing as how the weather is still hot, I thought it would be nice to feature some refreshing beverages.

Tried and Proved Recipes-Beverages, 1909

In case you didn’t know, tartaric acid crystals occur naturally in fruits such as grapes, bananas, and citrus. One of its salts or derivatives, is cream of tartar which is naturally created during the winemaking process. It is often mixed with sodium bicarbonate to form baking powder. Thank you Wikipedia! As case in point, here is an advertisement from The Olive Oil Store which features baking powder made with pure grape cream tarter and bicarbonate of soda. I’m sure your local grocery store will appreciate fielding requests for a bottle of tartaric acid crystals.

Tried and Proved Recipes-The Olive Oil Store, 1909