The anniversary cake is a staple at most churches and the churches of Maritime Conference are no exception. Here’s a brief collage in honor of the ever-present anniversary cake:

V-17-77 United Memorial anniversary cake, 1954

Lighting candle on cake during anniversary service for United Memorial Church in Halifax, March 1954. Rev Borden R. Tupper is standing on the right.


V-11-15 Centenary Queen Square 210th anniversary cake, 2001

210th anniversary cake at Centenary Queen Square United Church, Saint John, 2001


V-20-294 Salem United Church 100th anniversary cake, 1986

Cutting the cake for Salem United Church’s (Tatamagouche Mountain) 100th anniversary, 1986


V-9-53 Great Village 100th anniversary, 1983

100th anniversary cake for St. James United, Great Village, 1983