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    1. Things You Need to Know for the Annual Meeting
    2. Breaking the Silence Benefit Concert
    3. Breaking the Silence Coffee
    4. Rural Routes

1. Things You Need to Know for the Annual Meeting

Please read the following prior to coming to the meeting.
Choir and Introduction to Annual Meeting
Canteen and Book Display
Meet & Greet and Banquet
What and Where
– If you are unable to attend the meeting please fill out the Regrets form by clicking here.
– If you have to leave the meeting early please fill out the Permission to Leave Early form by clicking here.

2. Breaking the Silence Coffee Benefit Concert

Breaking the Silence benefit concert with Dave Gunning and Garnet Rogers, Sharon United Church, Tatamagouche, 2pm Sunday, June 2.

The Maritimes-Breaking the Silence Network, a longtime United Church partner, is delighted to announce that two of Canada’s most renowned folk musicians, Dave Gunning and Garnet Rogers (brother of Stan Rogers) will combine their gifts for an extraordinary afternoon of music and story-telling at Sharon United Church, Tatamagouche Sunday, June 2 @2pm.  Tickets at the door. Suggested donation $20. Half of the funds raised will go to the Breaking the Silence Human Rights Solidarity Network to ensure a constant BTS presence with our partners in a highly challenging human rights period in Guatemala. Half will go to support the Rabinal New Hope High School-Tatamagouche School/Community Project. We would love to see you in Tatamagouche for a fabulous afternoon of music.

3. Breaking the Silence Coffee

Breaking the Silence Fair Coffee, liturgical stoles, Guatemalan weavings, baby gifts available at the Breaking the Silence table during the Regional Meetings. If you missed ordering Breaking the Silence coffee in advance, a few boxes of Breaking the Silence coffee at the wholesale price ($58  for six bags) will be available, as well as individual bags at the retail price of $12 per bag. Guatemalan liturgical stoles and new crafts, including gifts for babies, available at BTS table.

BTS is also delighted to announce that Breaking the Silence coffee is available at many Sobey’s and Foodland stores. By purchasing the Breaking the Silence brand of Just Us! coffee, you  support small farmers and their families as well as the courageous work of the Highland Committee of Small Farmers (CCDA) in seeking land reform and economic justice. In addition, Just Us! gives BTS $.20 for each pound of coffee sold. PLEASE ENCOURAGE CHURCH MEMBERS TO PURCHASE BREAKING THE SILENCE COFFEE AT SOBEY’S AND FOODLAND. IT IS ON SALE AT FOODLAND RIGHT NOW!

4. Rural Routes

Rural Routes through the Holy is an ecumenical gathering for those involved in rural churches in the Maritimes, a time to come together to share ideas, to worship, to play, and to encourage one another. We’d love to see you there!  You can find all the information you need: a poster for printing, a description of the event, the speaker’s bio, and the registration form, at   Visit our display table at this year’s Regional Gathering.

We’re grateful to artist, Adam Young, for permission to use his wonderful art for our publicity and for the support of an Innovations Grant from EDGE: a network of the United Church of Canada for ministry development.

5. Certificate in Ministry Supervision

Click here to read about the Certificate in the Ministry of Supervision (UC) Program available in the Fall semester 2019.