Clergy Retreat

First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council

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If you answer “yes” to the following, the 2019 Clergy Retreat may be one that you do not want to miss!

  • The only time you read scripture is to prepare for your sermon each week
  • You only pray when doing a pastoral visit or leading the prayers during Sunday worship
  • Hardly have time to nourish your own spirit and be reminded that you are a much-loved creation

Getting Back on the Spiritual Track

Join us at the First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council Clergy Retreat where we will be nourished, renewed and nurtured in faithful practices for our own spirits (and if you learn something that you can share with others, then that’s a bonus). We want you to be nurtured as the faithful person you are, not because you are paid to help others be nourished!

Date: October 23-25, 2019
(Come at 2 pm on Wednesday, October 23 to get settled in and relax. Finish on Friday, October 25 after lunch)
Venue: Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp, Bishop’s Falls, NL
Cost: $200.00
Deadline: October 11, 2019

Participants are required to pay for their own travel.

Register online below

Event Facilitators:
  • Chris Pullenayegem, Coordinator for Faith Formation, General Council Office, will be the coach, discipleship and small group specialist.
  • Connie denBok will lead us in prayer.
  • Greg Smith-Young will help us acknowledge God’s presence in all things and places.

Thank you to the Coughlan College Trust Fund for subsidizing this event