The former Maritime Conference and now the Regional Council 15, through its Finance, Accountability, Investments and Trust Committee is to administer grants to support supervised ministries educational (SME) sites throughout the Region.  The seed money for these grants came from a portion of the sale of the Forest Hills United Church in the former Halifax Presbytery.

During the Pastoral Charge’s process of developing the living faith stories one of the options for you to consider is to be a place of education and training. If in your discernment, you feel that your Pastoral Charge is a good learning site and you are approved through the Pastoral Relations Committee, you maybe eligible for a grant.

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The Learning Site may apply for a grant of up to $5,000 per candidate. The amount received annually is prorated based upon the normal length of the ministry educational program.

The application is found at bottom of this page. Grant applications may be given preliminary approval by the Finance, Accountability, Investments and Trust Committee only after your position is approved to be an SME site by the Pastoral Relations Committee. You will receive the grant after the Office of Vocation approves you as a good match with a particular Candidate and the Appointment is approved.

Priority is given to:

  1. Learning Sites that plan to use the funding to meet the learning goal needs of the student and/or the pastoral charge. Ex. This could be something practical like the purchase of new worship resources, or it could be something creative.
  2. Learning Sites that are experimenting with new models of ministry.  Finally,
  3. Learning Sites who show financial need to support the ministry.

These categories are not exhaustive but are designed to give more clarity as it relates to the application.

For further information, please contact your Regional Minister, David Hewitt; or the Chair of Pastoral Relations Tom Woods;

(Please note funds are limited, once the funds are exhausted, the application process will   conclude)

For further information, please contact


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