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The Maritime Conference Ministry Personnel and Education Committee (MPE) has been directed to administer a grant to support educational learning site ministries throughout Maritime Conference.  The seed money for this grant came from a portion of the sale of the Forest Hills United Church in Halifax Presbytery.

There are a number of pathways into paid accountable ministry in the United Church of Canada. Given that the United Church of Canada, including its educational pathways are in transition, the Ministry Personnel and Education Committee will receive applications for funding ministry learning sites in the Conference including: formal internships, in ministry programs (both Ordained and DLM), Diaconal Ministry training sites and other programs whereby a student is in a learning site relationship in preparation for paid accountable ministry.

To be eligible for a Learning Site grant a Learning Site must apply annually for a grant of up to $5,000 per candidate. The amount received annually will be prorated based upon the normal length of the ministry educational program.

Applications can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of this information and will be dealt with when the Conference Ministry Personnel and Education Committee have their fall and winter meetings.  This would require that applications be received by October 1st for the fall meeting, and February 1st for the winter meeting.

At this point in time, there are no formal plans to restock the fund so once the fund has been depleted there will be no further grants available.  However, if pastoral charges/presbyteries are interested in supporting this ministry, inquiries can be made to the chair of the MPE Committee.

MPE sees the Learning Grant Fund as an opportunity for both students and pastoral charges to grow in their faith journey.  Each Learning Site will have its own needs for making application to this grant, but MPE has prioritized three broad categories for funding.  First, for those Learning Site ministries that plan to use the funding to meet the learning goal needs of the student and/or the pastoral charge.  This could be something practical like the purchase of new worship resources, or it could be something more creative with regards to the local ministry opportunities and learning goals.  The second category would include Learning Sites that are experimenting with new models of ministry.  Finally, for Learning Site ministries who show financial need to support the ministry (follow up information may be requested which could include but is not limited to: learning site application, budgets, financial statements, future direction plans).  These categories are not exhaustive but are designed to give more clarity as it relates to the application for funding and MPE grant recommendations.

For further information, please contact info4RC15@united-church.ca.


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