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Condolences: Rev. William Robert “Bob” Hussey

Our sympathy is extended to the family of Rev. William Robert “Bob” Hussey who passed away on January 19, 2020.  A copy of the obituary can be viewed here.

Rescheduled again due to storm – Covenanting service for Rev. Krista Elizabeth Winn with Cole Harbour Woodside Pastoral Charge and Regional Council 15

The Covenanting service between Cole Harbour Woodside United and Rev. Krista Elizabeth Winn will now be held Sunday, January 26 at 10:30am at Cole Harbour Woodside United. All welcomed to come celebrate with us.

Covenanting service for Pastor Keith Wiseman DLM with St. Peter’s-Grand River-Loch Lomond Pastoral Charge and Regional Council 15

The Covenanting service for Pastor Keith Wiseman DLM, with the St. Peter’s-Grand River-Loch Lomond Pastoral Charge will be held Sunday, January 26, 2020, 3:00 p.m., at the St. Peter’s United Church in St. Peter’s, Cape Breton.  All welcome.

Covenanting service for Rev. Gerald Kerr with Milford Gays River Lantz Pastoral Charge and Regional Council 15

A Covenanting service will be taking place for the Rev. Gerald Kerr in the Faith Community of Milford Gays River Lantz.  The Service will be on Feb 23, 2020 at the Milford Lantz Church in Milford, Nova Scotia at 2:00PM.  All are welcome.

Appointments – Region Council 15

There are approximately 36 ministries under Appointment in Region 15, with most of them ending in June 2020. This can produce a significant volume of work for the Pastoral Relations Committee as most of these ministries will seek to be Renewed. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your request for Renewal to the Region for approval. General Council is now requiring new Appointments and Calls to be processed through ChurchHub, so it will be wise to set some time aside to become oriented to this new approach. Ministry Personnel seeking to be Appointed or to have their Appointment Renewed will need to verify their eligibility through their personal account on ChurchHub and the Office of Vocation (Andrew Richardson, For more information, please contact Regional Minister David Hewitt For assistance with ChurchHub, please contact Deb Kigar at General Council

Intermediates at Conference is looking for facilitators

Intermediates at Conference is looking for facilitators for 2020! I@C is youth event for grades 7-9, that is only made possible by our incredible volunteers. If you have a passion for youth, and are looking for a way to give back to the youth in our church, we would love for you to join our team! Facilitators need to be at least 18 years old by the start of conference, and be available from May 21-24, 2020, complete the form here.

Mission & Service Donation Deadline

The Deadline for getting Mission & Service donations into the General Council Office to get credit for 2019 is January 31. Many pastoral charges are preparing their final transfers to send in … or have recently sent them. Just in case your charge needs information on options to send in their final contributions, I am providing information sheet and Transfer Form.   Any questions … please be in touch.  Thanks so much for your leadership and hard work!

Free Continuing Education Workshop at AST

Parish Nursing: Meeting the Challenges of Church Wellness, February 27th, 2020,12:30 – 2:00 pm at The President’s Lodge, Atlantic School of Theology. Fee: Free for All

This workshop will introduce participants to the role of the Parish Nurse (Faith Community Nurse) and how clergy and the Parish Nurses can work together to meet the increasing needs of an aging congregation and throughout the lifespan. Presenters: Rev. Dr. Mike Foley, Priest-in-Charge, and Sue Duncan, RN, Parish Nurse, from St. John’s Anglican Church (Westphal). Bring your ‘brown bag lunch’ and enjoy!  Please register via the Eventbrite
Storm date: March 2, 2020

Region 15 Volunteers

Region 15 is looking for volunteers to fill positions identified in our Governance Handbook available online. The Nominating Committee has done an admirable job in finding many volunteers but we still need to find a few more.  Please consider identifying yourself as a volunteer for a position or two! Together we can work towards establishing a strong new structure that will allow us to continue be a vital and vibrant United Church in Nova Scotia and Bermuda.  Volunteer here by completing the online form or contact Nominations Chair, Rev. Alicia Cox at

Committee Interest Form for Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council

Fundy St Lawrence Dawning Waters is blessed with people of many gifts and skills! With a new structure some people are taking a break from past Presbytery work. Please don’t stay away too long! Also with a  new structure, new ideas and possibilities will emerge. Please consider what you might be able to add to this newly growing community we call our Region.

Fill in the form by clicking here….let us know a little about yourself and tell us where your interests and passions lie as we come together to be the living message of God’s love in the world!