Emergency Plan to Assist Regions and Congregations be Prepared in the Event of a Health Emergency

A message from Rev. Faith March-MacCuish, Executive Minister, First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council. This information has been distributed to Ministers, Divisions, Teams, and Official Members to Regional Council and Pastoral Charge liaisons as identified by General Council for this Region.

Congregational Members,

The United Church of Canada has updated its emergency plan to assist Regions and Congregations to be prepared in the event of a health emergency. This is not meant to cause fear but to help us be prepared, and we ask that you review the The United Church of Canada Emergency Plan (Rev. March 2020). Guidelines for Communities of Faith start on page 10 of this document.

The Executive Minister, Rev. Faith March-MacCuish, is the primary conduit of information between the General Council, the Committees and the Communities of Faith.  If you have any questions, please be in touch with Rev. Faith March-MacCuish by email or call 1-800-268-3781, ext. 6156. The Emergency Coordinator for the Sackville Regional Council Office is Tracey Rose and she will be person who will send out communication to the Regions.