FDEE Weekly Announcements – March 24, 2020

First Dawn Eastern Edge Bookstore
While our Regional Office is closed and all staff are working from home, the bookstore remains
committed to clients. If there is anything that clients or churches may need please make contact with
Leona and she will arrange to have the items sent out. 1-800-268-3781 ext. 6141 or llaundry@unitedchurch.ca

Organ Donor Program
The Organ Donor Program would like to request that during services from April 19 to April 25, “We give
thanks for the Gift of Life through organ donation. We give thanks and prayers to honour those who, through
Organ and Tissue donation, have given life to others. We ask that you give thanks to the families who have
considered those in need at their time of greatest sorrow and sadness.”

A suggested shortened phrase in the bulletin may read as: “We pray and honour those who, through
Organ and Tissue donation, have given the Gift of Life to others.”
For more information on tissue and organ donation, please contact a donation coordinator at 777-6600 or
toll free 1-877-640-1110.

Camping Sunday, April 26, 2020
Notes about Camping Sunday:
It is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Sunday in April or a convenient Sunday in April or May for your group.
Worship services and ideas available for Camping Sunday are designed:
– to increase visibility for the church’s outdoor/camping ministries,
– draw attention to local United Church camps,
– and help people recall their memories and experiences of church camping.
Please note: services for inspiration, please respond to this email and the selected services will be sent to you.