Weekly Announcements April 7, 2020

First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council
Weekly Announcements
April 7, 2020

Moderator’s Easter Message 
In this time of COVID-19, Moderator Richard Bott’s Easter Message reminds us that God is always doing miraculous things. We will celebrate.

Easter Prayer from Executive Minister Rev. Faith March-MacCuish
Creator and Creating God. As we maneuver our way through this pandemic, we are reminded that others have walked this path before us. Many generations have experienced wars, the great depression, influenza pandemics, and many other community-spread diseases. Each generation feared if they would make it through and they worried about the future and the next generation. We have the same worries. We worry for our families, our friends, and we worry for those we only know through statistics on a news channel. We pray for one another, for safety and for healing. We pray for those who have died during this time and their families and we pray that they know they were not alone, for you have and continue to hold all of your creation in your loving embrace and you receive us back to you when our earthly journey is complete.

You, God are our Spirit and we are called to worship you in spirit and in truth. We are thankful for all who have worked hard to help people worship in ways that we never dreamt. As we walk the road with you toward Good Friday, may we always be reminded that we are an Easter people. Just as the generations of the past have persevered, so too will we, albeit changed. May our transformation be one of deeper faith, and a deeper compassion for all. Amen

Making Hope Visible Podcast – Justice and Mission Network of the Atlantic Regions of The United Church of Canada
Conversations about justice, faith, and action. Host, Laura Hunter, sees acting for social change as a spiritual practice. She talks to people who are working for justice, love, and peace in their neighbourhoods and around the world.

First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council Page Emergency Response Link
Stay updated with Emergency Response Updates on COVID-19 on the First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council web page.

Easter Sunday Morning
As we near our most important celebration, we are encouraging you to make some noise to welcome Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday morning at 9 am, we are asking churches to ring bells and chimes to help celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Everyone is invited to step outside and participate using sounds of celebration. This is an event being organized by St. John’s & Area Council of Churches.

Tatamagouche Centre
First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council takes this opportunity to welcome Nanci Lee into the position as Executive Director of Tatamagouche Centre in Nova Scotia. We wish her every success as she takes on this new role with the Centre.

Centre for Christian Studies
Join the Centre for Christian Studies, Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 11 am Central Time for a conversation about Crisis Pastoral Care. How to offer pastoral care in the midst of a pandemic? Please register in advance (no fee, donations gratefully accepted) and join them to imagine church differently. https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwvcuyrqzotecPk692Yk3C31fASzTEEWQ

Staff Directory
The contact information for First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council staff along with staff of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council and Regional Council 15 is available on the Regional Council website. This link will bring you to the Staff Directory.

First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council is now on Facebook!
We are happy to announce that our Regional Council is now on Facebook. Please follow or like the page to keep current on what is happening in our Regional Council.

If you have news to share relating to First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council, please share it with us and we will include it in our weekly announcements. Send any information to: info4rc16@united-church.ca

2019 Annual Reports
First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council Office is continuing to gather Annual Reports from all Communities of Faith in our Region. Thank you for the time and consideration it takes to prepare your Annual Reports. These reports provide valuable information for the work of the Financial Accountability and Consultation Team and the Pastoral Consultation and Accountability Team in our Region. We encourage you to email the Annual Reports to info4RC16@united-church.ca. If preferred, one hard copy can be mailed to 320 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John’s, NL, A1B 1T9. As we know, this is not a regular year for us. Some Communities of Faith have had their annual meetings and therefore can send in their reports. Those who have not yet had the opportunity to have their annual meeting, you still have time. We are pleased to let you know that CRA has extended the date that your Annual Charitable returns (T3010) have to be submitted from June 30 to now December 31, 2020. There is time to have your annual meeting when we do not have to observe social distancing and limiting the gathering size. Thank you for your continued efforts in these uncertain times.