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Condolences: Reverend Gordon Stewart

Our sympathy is extended to the family of Rev. Gordon Stewart, who passed away on May 9, 2020.

Letter from Rev. Adam Hanley

Read the latest COVID 19 letter  from Rev. Adam Hanley, Minister Personnel Vitality, Office of Vocation Here

Guidelines as we begin to reopen into what is our new normal as a church and society

As we begin to reopen into what is our new normal as a church and society, please see the guidelines from the General and Regional Council staff.  These  guidelines are a tool to help you as a community of Faith  to develop a plan for reopening. Following the government and health authorities regulations as well as using the churches guidelines, we hope that you are able to put together a plan that works for you in your context, keeping in mind your demographic and the types of ministry you provide.  It is a good practice to have your plan written and shared with all members of your community of faith. It is also important if questions by the government or health authorities that you are able to show your plan and how you have been following the plan in an attempt to mitigate risks.  If you have any question do not hesitate to be n contact with your Regional or Executive minister.

Completing the Annual Declaration of Criminal Charges

From April 1 to June 30, ministry personnel (including candidates in Supervised Ministry Education appointments or other appointments) will be able to submit their annual declaration on criminal charges form on ChurchHub. This form needs to be filled out no later than June 30, 2020 to remain compliant, including being eligible for calls or appointments and for licenses for sacraments and marriages. To fill out the annual declaration, log in to ChurchHub and “My Ministry Page.” Look to the right for the “My Professional Requirements” box and then select the “Annual Declaration 2020” link.
If you completed your annual declaration anytime from Jan-Mar 2020, then you actually were completing your 2019 annual declaration. So you will need to log into ChurchHub and complete your annual declaration for 2020.  If you have any issues or questions please contact the Office of Vocation Minister Andrew Richardson at

Support Breaking the Silence,  a Justice, Mission and Outreach Committee partner, by buying BTS coffee.

For several years, in early May, many of you have ordered cases of Breaking the Silence coffee at the wholesale price for pick-up at Annual Meetings. Although that cannot happen right now, you can still purchase Breaking the Silence coffee for your church and for personal use. You have several options: Purchase it at the Just Us! coffee display at Sobey’s, Foodland, and participating Coop Stores; Purchase it from Just Us! ( ) with free shipping for retail orders over $50 and wholesale orders over $200 (churches can become wholesale customers); In the Halifax area,  order with free delivery from Susanne Litke
Why buy Breaking the Silence coffee?  The Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Solidarity Network (BTS) has been a long-term partner of the Church in Action Committee, now the Justice, Mission and Outreach Committees. BTS partners with the CCDA (the Highlands Committee of Small Farmers) ~ a collective of coffee farmers in Guatemala ~ and with Just Us! Fair Trade Coffee Roasters Co-op ~  to bring fair trade, organic coffee to the Maritimes.  The proceeds of each bag of coffee purchased supports BTS human rights solidarity work.
Guatemalan liturgical stoles, created by Mayan women, are also available for $40. A number are available in various colours, as well as a rainbow theme. To purchase stoles, contact Kathryn Anderson at

Retirees Support Committee – Region 15 (NS and Bermuda)

On behalf of the Retirees Support Committee,Region 15 – NS and Bermuda,  we invite everyone who is retired, ministry personnel, or lay staff, to become a part of our email listing so we, as a committee, are able to keep in touch with you.  We have approximately 85 on our email list at the moment, but we know this doesn’t include everyone.   The Retiree Support Team comes under the umbrella of the Division of Communities of Faith Support and Nurture.  You may wish to check our mandate by connecting to   If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to Ruth Gamble, Chair, at  Emails are sent to the group about every 6/8 weeks.  We hope to hear from you.   If you know of someone who doesn’t have an email address, perhaps you could send me their names and our committee will be in touch.

Sponsors of Refugees

Please find below a document produced by IRCC intended to assist sponsors in understanding how cases in process are affected by COVID-19 and, for refugees already in Canada, how sponsors can continue to fulfill their sponsorship role while also addressing the unique settlement needs of sponsored refugees during this difficult time.

Guidance for Private Sponsors Regarding COVID

Call for Nominations of Commissioners to the 44th General Council, Region 15

The Region 15 Regional Council will be electing ten (10) of its 15 commissioners (5 laypersons and 5 ministry personnel) at our meeting on June 10, 2020. If you are considering a nomination for this role, we have provided some of the responsibilities of a commissioner to help you decide.
Commissioners begin their appointment with the General Council and are appointed to serve until the start of the next General Council, a three-year term. During that time they may receive updates, communications, and carry out their responsibilities in various ways during their term. The General Council reconvenes each fall for a virtual meeting.
Once you have attended the General Council and return to your Region you are asked to find opportunities to report on the meeting in your local community of faith, clusters of communities of faith, and regional council.
It is important for commissioners to be aware of how their region feels about an issue that is coming before the General Council; however, a commissioner is not required to vote on behalf of the Region. The United Church is a conciliar church and while Commissioners hear what those from their Region share with them, they must come with an open mind and heart and be willing to be moved by the Spirit of the Council as they hear and learn from others and vote as their conscience and the spirit leads.
The Nominations form and process will be posted on the Regional Council website soon. Please stay tuned for more details. We encourage you to prayerfully consider serving as a General Council commissioner.
If you have, any question please be in touch with the Nominations committee chair, Rev. Alicia Cox,