Deadline for 2021 applications is August 31st, 2020

It is that time of the year again to begin thinking about your ministries financial needs with respect to the 2021 Mission Support Grants. It is important to know that the General Council has had to make significant cuts to the 2021 grant allocation to the Regional Councils. The Regional Council has made a commitment to helping ease the strain of those cuts for our ministries in 2021.  It is unknown at this point, what we are able to accomplish for the 2022 year, so you may want to be planning financially for a reduction to your grants for that year.

This is your application package for 2021 Mission Support Grants.  You will find a copy of the blank form included.  Complete the form and return the completed copy and all of the required accompanying documents to the Regional Office before the deadline above.

General Council provides this application form and we ask you to keep to this format as much as possible.  

Please note:  You will only receive the electronic version of the MSG Revised form and all documents pertaining to these grants.  If you require printed copies please advise the office and we will mail you an application package.

 Before sending in your 2021 application, please remember:
1. Obtain Board/Council approval and signatures for your application before sending.
2. Include your Revenue Canada (CRA) Registered Charity number and proof of charitable status. These are the business numbers issued by Revenue Canada to be used when issuing tax receipts to
individuals and organizations.  To obtain this information go to the CRA website at . Click on Charities Division. Print the page of information which is titled “Canadian Registered Charities – Detail
Page”. This page must be attached to the Mission Support Grant application or the request will be considered incomplete and will not be processed.
3. Include all of the following financial information:
– 2019 Financial Statements & Annual Reports,
– 2020 Budget and Current Financial Statement to date, and
– 2021 Proposed Budget.
4. All Pastoral Charges, and any Community Ministries receiving more than 60% of their funding from the United Church are required to follow as a minimum the “Minimum Salaries for Ministry Personnel”. This
describes minimum amounts for travel and allowances, etc. (see attached).
5. We ask that organizations receiving a Mission Support grant provide a story and photo of its ministry. These stories are used by the General Council Office to interpret your ministry to the wider church.

Please consider carefully your request for 2021 funding and fully complete your application.  Incomplete applications could result in delayed decision. Please contact the Regional Office for more information or assistance.

Application Forms must be approved by your governing body and returned to:

Regional Council Office, 21 Wright St., Sackville, NB  E4L 4P8  or email to

** No later than August 31th, 2020 **


2020 Important Dates to remember:
August 31st – Completed, signed applications for 2021 grants to Regional Council Office
September – Finance, Accountability and Investments – review and decisions
October – Notification of decision, applications forwarded to General Council


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