Dear Clergy and Communities of Faith,

As promised, here are the four worship services to use as you wish.

Thank you to the musicians, the staff, and the presidents of our three regions for agreeing to provide this ministry, especially to Audrey Lounder who also did the technical work.

The full script of the services and links to the corresponding virtual services are found below.

Service 1 –

Service 1 – Full Order UCCEast

Service 2 –

Service 2 – Full Order UCCEast

Service 3 –

Service 3 – Full Order UCCEast

Service 4 –

Service 4 – Full Order UCCEast

For personal use. If you have any questions about permissions, please contact the Regional Office. Alison Piercey, or Faith March-MacCuish,

May there be rest and renewal for all this summer!

Be Safe and God Bless!