The United Church Bookstore in St. John’s is selling Pre-Filled Communion packets

As some restrictions start to ease and churches are permitted to hold services, the United Church Bookstore thought they would bring the idea of Fellowship Communion to your attention. This little packets, seen below, hold the wafer and the juice in one container. Instructions are below describing exactly how to open the cup. You just peel back the cover to use. It’s a wonderful idea to be able to use these during communion services. Everyone can handle their own cups. These items will not expire until one year after packaging.

Leona Laundry is taking pre-orders for this product. If this is something your church is interested in purchasing, please let her know as soon as possible.

Deadline to order is: Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Fellowship Communion Box:
Box of 100 – $61.95 tax included
Box of 250 – $139.95 tax included
Box of 500 – $199.95 tax included