Faith Forward coverFaith Forward: Volume 3 – Launching a revolution through ministry with children, youth and families

Author: David M. Csinos In one of his best-known songs, Bruce Cockburn sings about “lovers in a dangerous time.” Well, there’s no doubt that our world is under siege and that we are living in a dangerous time. With massive crises threatening life all over our planet – economic crises, social crises, ecological crises, the list goes on and on – our faith can’t afford to ignore the reality of our diverse and fragile world. Our faith needs to move or inspire us to get our hands not just dirty, but downright bruised and bloody as we work against the tremendous forces of hatred, death, and suffering in our world.That’s what this third volume in the “Faith Forward” series is about. It’s about forming Christian “lovers” in the dangerous time in which we live. It’s about dousing the flames of hatred and suffering in our world by pouring out unconditional, sacrificial love. It’s about having rich and meaningful and difficult conversations about how we can do ministry with children, youth, and families in ways that have the power to heal the world. How can we empower children and youth to disrupt the world with God’s love? How can we empower them to overturn the tables and shatter the walls, and to pour out compassion, and justice, and love in the world? $22.95 Tax Included

Responsive Prayers coverResponsive Prayers – For Every Week of the Church Year

Author: David Sparks This collection of responsive prayers is based on the Revised Common Lectionary, Year C, and is perfect for clergy and lay leaders alike. By inviting the congregation to participate in the worship prayers, leaders will nurture the growth and engagement of everyone in the gathered communityResponse Prayers, Year C offers an entire year’s worth of responsive prayers that can be adapted to a variety of settings and circumstances. As David says in his own words, “at the end of the day, it is the worship leader for a given Sunday who creates the prayer” and basically, makes it their own. This collection includes full prayers for the Call to Worship, Opening Prayer, Words of Assurance, Offering Prayer, and Commissioning, as well as an outline for the Pastoral Prayer, for each Sunday of the lectionary year, plus Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Some Sundays include additional prayer options. Responsive Prayers Year C also includes a scripture index. Essentially, authorization to reproduce and freely adapt all the prayers in the collection for use in worship in the local congregation is included with the purchase of the book. $29.95 Tax Included.

Upper Room Disciplines bookUpper Room Discplines 2019 – A Book of Daily Devotions

Author: Erin Palmer Each reading in The Upper Room Disciplines includes a selected scripture passage, a meditation on the scripture, and a prayer or suggestion for reflection. Disciplines offers 7 days of engagement with the upcoming Sunday’s lectionary texts. Each week of devotions is written by one author and focuses on one theme to provide extended depth into how the ancient stories of the Bible apply to our lives today. $$TBA

Abingdon Worship Annual 2019The Abingdon Worship Annual 2019 – Worship Planning Resources for Every Sunday of the Year

Author: B. J. Beu and Mary Scifres The Abingdon Worship Annual 2019 (AWA 2019) offers fresh worship planning resources for all who plan and implement weekly worship. Worship leaders “need to offer prayers, prepare an order of worship, select music, and even prepare a sermon. Into that weekly task, we offer this resource to strengthen your ability to lead creatively and prepare consistently.” Liturgies and prayers are also included for New Year’s Day, Ascension Day, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve. $$TBA

Abingdon Preaching Manual 2019The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2019 – Planning Sermons and Services for Fifty-Two Sundays

Each week’s entry includes:1. Primary Theme2. Secondary Themes – 2 or 3 themes or streams of thought that are related to but separate from the primary theme. These might arise from different parts of the lectionary text. This may also include questions, or alternative ways of thinking about the primary theme.3. Worship Helps – Liturgical elements for the beginning, middle, and end of the worship service. A variety of elements each week, encouraging participation and engagement for the worshipper. All elements relate to the primary and/or secondary themes, to help preachers and worship planners achieve a cohesive thematic flow in worship. Homiletical Topic Essays (3) – These 700-word essays cover a variety of current and critical topics for the preacher. Each essay focuses on one particular topic. Topics could include the practice of preaching, sermon writing, current issues for the preacher, emerging trends in preaching, and emerging ideas or cultural trends that are important for the church and preacher. Essays are contributed by leading homileticians. Full Sermons (6 – 12) – The full text from six – twelve sermons will be included in the print and e-book. The full sermons are included as a source of inspiration and edification for pastors, who so rarely are on the receiving end of preaching. These sermons will highlight best practices, unique approaches, and fresh voices.Sermon Series IdeasThis section will briefly outline and describe ideas for unique sermon series based on lectionary readings. Most if not all of these will come from non-NT texts, helping preachers to include a wider range of scripture in their preaching. (Many pastors preach primarily from NT passages almost exclusively.) $$$TBA

Prepare bookPrepare! 2018-2019 NRSV Edition: An Ecumenical Music & Worship Planner

An all-in-one resource that helps both the music director and pastor plan the worship services for each Sunday and holy day of the year, the 2018-2019 edition Prepare! is lectionary based and places everything at your fingertips: Calendar format that helps you plan the entire choir year, from September through August. Eight or more suggested hymns for each service keyed to 16 hymnals from at least 7 different denominations, including: Africana Hymnal, The Baptist Hymnal, Chalice Hymnal (Disciples of Christ), The Faith We Sing, Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal, The Hymnal 1982 (Episcopal), Hymns for the Family of God, Lutheran Book of Worship, The Presbyterian Hymnal, The New Century Hymnal (United Church of Christ), Renew! Songs & Hymns for Blended Worship, Songs for Praise and Worship Singalong Edition, The United Methodist Hymnal, Voices United, Worship & Song, and Worship III (Roman Catholic). Complete lectionary text of the Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle, and Gospel readings, using the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Reproducible worship planning forms. Resources for holidays and special days. Suggestions for prayers, solos, anthems, visuals, and much more. $$TBA