Celebrating Ministry, Moving Towards Vitality

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Virtual Retreat

We are pleased to offer you our virtual Clergy Retreat. Each day of the retreat will have worship, meditation, rest, relaxation, time to spend gathering with colleagues. We will have a visit from our Moderator and we are doing our best to put together a virtual kitchen party. We ask that you bring your own kitchen!


We are pleased to have Rev. Janice MacLean of the Prayer Bench Ministry who has written our reflections for us each day entitled “Sounding Vitality


When you register (and closer to the start date) you will receive three days of the Sounding Vitality program. Each day you will open to a new reflection as we dig deeper into what vitality means to us.


  • On the first evening, we have invited our Moderator, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Richard Bott, to join us and to share his wisdom on our theme.
  • Thursday evening we are hoping to have a kitchen party. We would ask you to play an instrument, sing, tell stories, share those talents with us. Singing on Zoom is not the greatest but we can make it work with the microphones on mute except for the person offering their talent.
  • We will end on Friday with a time for debrief and a worship with communion.

PDF of Agenda here

There is no registration fee

I hope you can join us for this time and to take the time away from the business of your ministry and engage in this time together

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Thank you to the Coughlan College Trust Fund for subsidizing this event