Application for Ministers’ Children Attending Post-Secondary Institutions

The Marshall Bequest is administered by the Board of Trusts Team of First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council

Trust Objectives:

To further and support the education and nurturing of children of ministers serving within The United Church of Canada in Newfoundland and Labrador.

This bequest supports ministers’ children who attend post-secondary institutions.

Guidelines are as follows:

(a) a person can receive only one scholarship award;

(b) the scholarship value to be determined by the Board of Trusts depending on the strength of the fund;

(c) the annual deadline be October 15;

(d) there be a maximum of two scholarships awarded per year;

(e) include all post-secondary institutions; (f) only one Regional Council Scholarship is available per person per year.


2022 deadline for applications has passed. 2023 applications will be available in summer