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Regional Council 15 (RC15) Committee Volunteer form.

Elected Members to Regional Council 2021

Please use the below link to view a memo from the Executive Minister, Faith March-MacCuish, regarding elected members to Regional Council for 2021.

2021 Elected Members to Regional Council

Regional Council 15

RC15 Covenant

This tripartite covenant is intended to assist the parties in working together to strengthen ministries in French and to seize the opportunity to grow our presence amongst Francophones across the territory of the region. We collectively understand the importance of Francophone identity in cultural and linguistic terms, even if it is not a predominant feature of this region…it is important to ensure that we do not undervalue the importance of the Francophone voice within the church along with its cultural context. It is also key that none of this work happens in isolation.  This covenant intends to help the church honour these approaches for existing ministries and those that may be developed in the future.
The involvement of the General Secretary, through staff in the Ministries in French cluster and the Office of Vocation will provide support to ensure that we meet our common goals in this work. La Table and its nation-wide network of Francophone ministry personnel and laity will engage as the voice and actions of this work. The Regional Council will provide structure and local context in a manner consistent with the rest of its ministry in the region.
The Executive of Regional Council 15 endorsed this covenant with signature at the October 5, 2019 meeting of the Executive. The covenant has now been returned to the region having been signed by the other parties in the covenantal relationship with us. We share the completed covenant with you, and extend every blessing to the parties involved in this new relationship.

View the Covenant here, it can also be found under policies on the website using this link

Call for Nominations

Region 15 needs your help!  As a region, we can only do the important work and ministry within Nova Scotia and Bermuda with the help of dedicated volunteers like you. The Nominations Committee is seeking interested individuals who may be willing to participate in the region by serving on a committee.  Currently, we are greatly in need of individuals who are willing to serve:
-The Annual Meeting Planning Committee
-Faith Story Community Covenant Committee

As well, we are also seeking Diaconal Ministers and Designated Lay Ministers who may be interested in serving the region through the work of our regional committees.  If you interested in any of these positions, please contact Nominations chair, Rev. Alicia Cox at
If you are interested in a position not listed above, or you are not sure where your gifts or interests might fit, please fill out the Nominations form found here:    Information on all committees can be viewed here.

Please share this information with your congregations. Committee membership is open to all community of faith members within the bounds of Region 15, and is not limited to elected representatives to the region.

Atlantic Regions Ministry and Personnel Committees – Managing Conflict

A webinar for lay members of M&P Committees
Saturday, February 20, 2021
9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Atlantic, 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon Newfoundland
Register here. Deadline to register Feb 15, 2020

This webinar will be resourced by the three Regional Ministers of the Atlantic Regions, Kendall Harrison (Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters), David Hewitt (Region 15) and Heather Sandford (First Dawn Eastern Edge). Topics will include roles and responsibilities, stages of conflict, strategies for addressing conflict, resources and support.  .  For more information, please contact the Regional Minister for your Region.

Making Hope Visible Podcast – Anti-Racism – Latest Episode Live

Meet Adele Halliday, UCC Anti-racism and Equity Officer on the latest episode of Making Hope Visible with Laura Hunter. In this conversation, Adele explains clearly the differences between racism, racial justice, anti-racism and what it means to hold an “intercultural vision” in the United Church context.  She also talks about how important it is for local communities of faith to be engaged in anti-racism work, and offers concrete examples of areas of racial injustices that are happening in the church. This is a conversation that will be helpful to all who are engaging in practicing anti-racism in their circles.
Find  Anti-Racism resources on the United Church website. Resources for Regions East on Anti-Racism  can be found here.

Glass Communion Glasses

Does your Church have glass communion glasses that you would like to reduce, reuse and recycle?  Maritime United Church Women would be happy to accept your gift as we need 375 glasses for our 60th Anniversary Celebration.  If you have glasses to give away please contact Debbie or Ruth or

Sharp Scholarship 2021

This scholarship is awarded to a student born in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward Island, who is Protestant, who is a non-smoker, and who has demonstrated financial need. Preference given to members of the United Church of Canada and to applicants from Prince Edward Island. View the 2021 Sharp Scholarship here.