I came across this word challenge while processing the records of a retired minister. He and his wife were actively involved in various youth groups in the Maritime Conference so this was probably used at a youth meeting. In most cases, there are two answers you need to come up with in order to answer the question. The answers to each line are place names from Prince Edward Island. Keep in mind that is is from the 1960s so there might be some terms we don’t use much anymore.

Here are a couple examples:

A boy’s nickname-his mother: Alma
A harbour-a life time: Portage

If you want to take a go at this, just reply in the comments with whatever answers you are able to come up with. I will send out the answers next week. Of course this is not limited to PEI residents! Here we go:

  1. Santa Claus
  2. What babies do – a girl’s name
  3. A garment-to wander
  4. A jacket
  5. A point of the compass-part of the verb to “be”
  6. A heavy hammer-a measure
  7. A resting place-a popular car
  8. To take life-to challenge
  9. A piece of lumber-a letter
  10. Saintly-a letter-needing a doctor
  11. A bell that is well tied
  12. Trees-a valley
  13. A blind poet
  14. A boy’s name-a preposition
  15.  An inn
  16. To blossom-an enclosure
  17. A precious stone-place of rest
  18. A Bishop
  19. A negative conjunction-a road
  20. A fruit and a hollow
  21. An animal-a weight