For those of you who took on the word challenge from last week, here are the answers as promised:

  1. Santa Claus –St-Nicholas
  2. What babies do – a girl’s name-Howlan
  3. A garment-to wander-Cape Traverse
  4. A jacket-Cardigan
  5. A point of the compass-part of the verb to “be”-Northam
  6. A heavy hammer-a measure-Malpeque
  7. A resting place-a popular car-Bideford
  8. To take life-to challenge-Kildare
  9. A piece of lumber-a letter-Borden
  10. Saintly-a letter-needing a doctor-Piusville
  11. A bell that is well tied-Belfast
  12. Trees-a valley-Woodvale
  13. A blind poet-Milton
  14. A boy’s name-a preposition-Alberton
  15.  An inn-Traveller’s Rest
  16. To blossom-an enclosure-Bloomfield
  17. A precious stone-place of rest-Emerald Junction
  18. A Bishop-O’Leary
  19. A negative conjunction-a road-Norway
  20. A fruit and a hollow-Cherry Valley
  21. An animal-a weight-Campbellton