Winter 2021

Dear Friends of The United Church Women,

Certainly 2020 is a year we are happy to see move on, and as we look ahead to 2021, we can only hope and pray for God’s guidance and strength to face the challenges ahead, as the world grapples with the turmoil of such a horrendous pandemic.

Understandably, as individuals, families and our churches have struggled in these unprecedented times, so too, have the Mission programs and facilities, to carry on the work of Christ, to provide support and to meet visionary goals as we have prospered before.

In the Fall of 2019, the Tatamagouche Centre, launched a ‘Comfort And Care’ fundraising appeal to purchase much needed items to enhance the living areas in the residences and the main building. As you can imagine, things do wear out and so at the present time, we once again, appeal to our faithful UCW groups throughout our Regions, to consider making a financial donation for general costs, to the Tatamagouche Centre. The Centre, in view of the challenges of 2020, have also had great costs incurred and now as we vision for the future, we look ahead in hope, that this new year, will be one of much success as we plan programs for the near future.

As well, it is our great hope to provide a day for all UCW members, at the Centre, consisting of workshops and to provide you with an opportunity to observe the facilities and what we have to offer at the Tatamagouche Centre by way of programs to suit a wide variety of needs. Our UCW groups have faithfully supported our Mission in the past and it is our hope that we can continue to have your support through 2021.

Please find attached a copy of a donation form for your consideration. As well, it would be appreciated if copies of this donation form letter could be made available to your church congregations and others, who would like to support the Tatamagouche Centre. You may also check the ‘Legacy Gift’ option and you will be contacted about your gift. We realize that UCW groups have not been actively involved in meetings at the present time, but your participation to circulate and make contacts would certainly be appreciated.

As I mentioned in previous correspondence to your membership, we love our Centre and are happy that we can provide such programming of benefit to ever so many individuals each year. Friends, we so appreciate the generosity and support of our United Church Women communities, who have enriched and transformed the experiences of those who come to this place of spiritual renewal.

May 2021 be a year of celebration, rejoicing in meeting the challenges in ever so many ways and making them profitable for us all. We are hopeful for your continued support and once again, thank you for your generosity in the past to maintain the Tatamagouche Centre, for the great benefit of all, needing renewal and enrichment in their lives.

In Fellowship and Service,

Margie MacIntyre
Fundraising Committee, Tatamagouche Centre

Tatamagouche Centre Donor Form