Position Profile: Full-Time Solo Ministry (40 hours per week)

At Harmony United, we are a forward thinking and engaging church that is filled with anticipation and hope of what is yet to come in our ministry. We believe the main role of the Minister at Harmony is to lead the congregation as it continues to give life to its vision of being “Compassionate, inclusive Spirit-filled followers of the Way”. We look to a Minister to provide innovative and creative ways of worship through use of technology and different mediums that engage all the senses (i.e. fabric, colour, symbols, PowerPoint, video, etc.). We are looking for your leadership in moving us toward being an Affirming church. We recognize the need to focus on growth and development and we need your wisdom and guidance to make that happen. We need our Minister to provide leadership in exploring ways to connect and grow both within the church and by leveraging our diverse neighbourhood and the wider community. We need a Minister that will build upon a vibrant and Spirit-filled ministry.

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