“…  encouraging and supporting ministry personnel toward health, joy, and excellence in ministry practice; …”

These aspirations appear as one of the responsibilities of the Regional Council pastoral relations committee.  (to the Manual folk among us: Manual C2.11). These same words appear in the mandate of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters.

Our committee is seeking suggestions, thoughts, prayers and ideas around how we might go about “supporting and encouraging ministry personnel”. At this point we are asking for you to reflect upon what the pastoral relations committee could consider which would offer such encouragement and support.  Individuals, cluster groups, informal conversational groups.

The following is open for your interpretation. Please know that any and all suggestions would be considered.

  • What aspirations do you hold for encouraging and supporting ministry personnel toward:

  • We would like to be able to follow up with you around your ideas. If you would, please let us know who and where you are. Please know we appreciate the ministry you are offering in these extraordinary times. God be with you as you seek to serve.