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Reports to the Regions

The full PDF of the annual meeting Reports to the Region is available on the annual meeting page. We encourage you to read this material prior to the annual meeting May 27-28.

Annual Meeting Information Webinars

Planning is well underway for the 3rd Annual Meeting of Regional Council 15, being held on May 28-30, 2021. In preparation for the Annual Meeting, the Executive is offering three webinars so that members are able to ask questions for clarification about the matters that we will be voting on at the meeting. You will also have the opportunity to hear from the nominees for commissioners to General Council and President-Elect, so you are familiar with those whose names will be presented for voting.

It will help all of us have a productive meeting in May to have as many people as possible take part in the webinars. Thank you for your commitment to this United Church of ours and to your Regional Council. As more information becomes available, it will be posted on the website. In preparation for the webinars and the Annual Meeting, please take the time to read the posted material, including the Agenda, accessed using the link: Annual Meeting 2021

Webinar #1: Intro to Zoom/Orientation for New Members – Lunch & LearnTuesday, May 18, 2021 view webinar here.  PowerPoint presentation is available here.

Webinar #2: Division Reports/Budget 2022 and 2020 Audited Statements – Thursday, May 20, 2021 view webinar here

 Webinar #3: GC44 Commissioner and President-Elect Nominee Introductions, Proposals and Strategic Plan – Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 7:00pm-8:30pm (ADT) – webinar will be posted by Thursday morning

Webinars will take place using zoom video conferencing. Please contact the Regional Council Office if you have not received the April 26 email with links to join.

Pastoral Relations Liaison Training

“Pastoral Relations” is the term used in the United Church for the relationship of churches and ministry personnel with each other, and the process of movement of ministry personnel in and out of ministry positions. General Council implemented a revised process at the beginning of 2019 that established the role of Region Liaison that supports this work in the local community of faith. In Region 15 we currently have 25 people who have been trained as Liaison and who are active in a variety of settings. However, there is a need for more. If you would like to offer to serve as Liaison, and to receive training for this role, please contact Regional Minister David Hewitt at

Looking for help to complete your 2021 annual declaration?

Attention Ministry Personnel!

Looking for help to complete your 2021 annual declaration? The Office of Vocation Ministers are hosting several sessions over the coming weeks to provide assistance and walk you through the process. These sessions will be on Zoom:

Tuesday, June 1st at 1:00 pm

Remember to have the date of your most current police records check handy and be logged in to our ChurchHub account
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Income security

Income security is a major problem for millions of people in the Canadian context, and especially for residents of Nova Scotia. One report states that 10.3 percent of people between the ages of 18‒64, and 8.7 percent of people under the age of 18 live below the poverty line in Canada. One of the main reasons for poverty is insufficient income.  The United Church of Canada, since 1972, has called on the Government of Canada to develop a Guaranteed Livable Income for all Canadians.  Today, that call is being joined by many other organizations, and agencies including Citizens for Public Justice, and the Centre for Social Justice; over 50 senators in Ottawa, and the youth wing of the Liberal Party of Canada support it.

We are urging all United Church residents of Region 15 to join a growing network of United Church folk urging the Government of Canada to implement a GLI as a policy going forward. The UCC has a website:, that  provides valuable information.  We are hoping a contact GLI person might be named in every congregation in Region 15, and that each congregation would make a GLI part of their justice witness.  There are many suggestions how to live out that witness on the UCC website.

If you wish more information, please write or call:  Karen MacKay Llewellyn (  902 759 3384) or Hallett Llewellyn ( 902 759 8443), coordinators for The United Church of Canada in Region 15.


South Shore United Church in beautiful PEI is seeking a full time minister for our single point pastoral charge. Our minister will be responsible for conducting worship services, inspiring Christian Development and Education, and providing Pastoral Care within the South Shore Pastoral Charge – with the cooperation and leadership of active lay members and teams of the pastoral charge.  Our faith is summed up in the words of “A New Creed”  of the United Church of Canada.

If you would like to explore growing with us in faith and ministry,  please view our Community of Faith Profile on Church Hub  or contact Darlene MacDonald at

Bookstore – Piloting Church

As promised, the United Church Bookstore is able to bring in the book from Cameron Trimble who was the theme presenter at First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council Annual Meetings. The cost of the book will be 32.95 tax included plus shipping.  If you are interested in ordering a copy please contact by Monday, May 31, 2021.

Prepare your church for take-off A majority of churches are grounded – shrinking in membership and resources, unsure how to make the changes needed to be vital again. Pastor and pilot Cameron Trimble has helped hundreds of congregations get airborne again, and Piloting Church: Helping Your Congregation Take Flight guides you through the steps to getting your congregation out of the maintenance hangar and back into the skies.

General Council Youth Forum

The Children, Youth and Young Adults Committee of Region 15 is calling for youth between the ages of 15-19 (in 2022) to consider letting their names stand to be a member of General Council Youth Forum 2022.  This person will be a Commissioner (voting member) of the General Council and will also attend Youth Forum. All General Council events will take place online via Zoom.   At this time, there is a possibility of employment, as well as the opportunity to attend the GO Project as part of this experience. For more information and to state your interest, please email Catherine Stuart, Minister for Children, Youth and Young Adults at Please express your interest by June 5, 2021.