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Making Hope Visible – Podcast

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Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters (FSLDW) Committee Interest form.

Condolences: Marilyn Carter

Our sympathy is extended to the family of Rev. Marilyn Carter who passed away April 13, 2021 (RC15 / FSLDW).  A copy of the notice can be viewed here.

Celebration of Ministry Service for Emma Seamone’ s Ordination

Please join us for the Celebration of Ministry Service for Emma Seamone’ s Ordination, the concluding part of our Annual meeting.  You can watch the service in a variety of ways:

We do hope you are able to join us, If not, you will be able to view the service through the YouTube channel at any time.

Annual Meeting Evaluation Form

We would ask everyone who attended the Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council annual meeting to take a few minutes to fill out the online evaluation form by June 30.

To all members of  Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council:

Thank you so much for your attendance at the 3rd annual meeting of the region. We are so grateful for the time and attention you each give to the work of the wider church.
As representatives to your community of faith, I am sure you will now be planning to report on the business which took place at the annual meeting. To help you do that, the draft minutes will be posted on the website by June 18th, we encourage you to check in periodically in case we are able to post them before that time.
As more time is required to prepare the full Record of Proceedings, (which includes pieces such as appendices, the roll of the region, attendance and regrets), this will not be available to you until July.
If you have any questions, or require further information, please be in contact with the Executive Minister, at

Affirming Ministry – Harmony United Church

Sunday, June 13, Harmony will become Canada’s newest Affirming Ministry, while also marking our third anniversary as an amalgamated community of faith.

Becoming an Affirming Ministry is our pledge to honour diversity and inclusion. It’s our witness to the belief that God loves us all — and loves us all the same, without limit or restriction.  Please hold us in prayer and celebrate this special milestone with us during your worship.  See poster.

Pastoral Charge Information Forms

For those Pastoral Charges still to do so we ask that you complete the 2021 Pastoral Charge Information form as soon as possible using this link.

2020 Statistical Forms – General Council

A reminder that those pastoral charges yet to submit their 2020 Statistical forms should do so as soon as possible but please try to submit  to the General Council office by June 25, 2021 using the online form on, Annual Statistics.  Alternatively you can scan and email the forms to  The 2020 instruction booklet can be found here,  if you have questions please contact

Online Retreat for Leaders of Children and Youth 

The Faith Formation and Education Committee of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters is inviting all LEADERS of children and youth in our region to a one day, online retreat.  We recognize all of the work and energy that has gone into making this year of pandemic happen for our communities, and so we are offering you some time of rest, renewal and fellowship with each other.  Join us on Saturday, June 19th from 10am-11:30am and 1pm-2:30pm via zoom.  For more information and to register, click here:

United Church Bookstore

Taking orders for the following book.  Deadline to order is Monday June 14, 2021.  Contact Leona at to order.

How can you still be a Christian?  Freeing Jesus, this is the most common question Diana Butler Bass is asked today. It is a question that many believers ponder as they wrestle with disappointment and disillusionment in their church and its leadership. But while many Christians have left their churches, they cannot leave their faith behind.

In Freeing Jesus, Bass challenges the idea that Jesus can only be understood in static, one-dimensional ways and asks us to instead consider a life where Jesus grows with us and helps us through life’s challenges in several capacities: as Friend, Teacher, Savior, Lord, Way, and Presence.  Freeing Jesus is an invitation to leave the religious wars behind and rediscover Jesus in all his many manifestations, to experience Jesus beyond the narrow confines we have built around him. It renews our hope in faith and worship at a time when we need it most.