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2021 Annual Reports

A reminder to email your 2021 annual reports to the Regional office as soon as they are available.  If you have any questions or are not sure if you have sent your report already, please email  or call 1-800-268-3781 ext 6142 (Mon-Weds).

Spark Newsletter

Do you ever wonder what other communities of faith are up to these days?  Maybe you’re curious because you have heard there is a new minister around but how do you find out anything about them?  Do you have this amazing idea but who can you share it with?  Church anniversary is coming up but how do you let people know?

We are launching a newsletter!  It will be distributed to all churches but we don’t want to stop there!  We want you to have your very own Spark.  All you have to do is register!  You heard me!  Monthly Spark can be delivered to your email address and for those without technology, we are exploring  ways to get a paper copy (gasp) into your mail box.  So…click here and start discovering everything our Region has to offer!

Ally is a Verb: Regions’ East Anti-Racism Network Conversation Series

Check out the Regions East Anti-racism Network’s conversation series “Ally is a Verb”! The fourth Wednesday of every month at 7pm ADT, 7:30 in Newfoundland, we’re gathering by Zoom to learn how to take our actions beyond words. On March 23rd, we’ll be talking about celebrating Black history all year long. Join us for conversation and a sharing of resources! Please click here to register.

Faith Formation and Education Event Funding

The Faith Formation and Education Committee of the Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council has oversight of faith formation and education events and programs in the region. There are limited funds available to support these efforts . A form has been placed on the Regional Council website to allow for application for funding. Not all applications will receive funding as the mandate is to support the region as a whole. Funding requests must be submitted in advance of the event, preferably at least 3 months prior.

An offering to the church from former Moderator Walter Farquharson and Richard Hall,  Hymn Addressing the Ukraine Invasion, “I Will Sing To Our God”

Walter Farquharson (former UCC Moderator) and I have just written a hymn addressing the Ukraine invasion, “I Will Sing to Our God“.  The tune is not new, composed in 1985, but the words that went with it at the time are now quite outdated and not very useful.  Walter did not write the 1985 words, but has written an entirely new set of lyrics to the music.  The biblical inspiration is Exodus 15, The Song of Moses & Miriam.  The current inspiration is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As the situation in Ukraine is timely, we are sending the hymn to various destinations with the invitation to use and copy freely if it is useful to whoever.  We are not seeking royalties.  Please feel free to forward it to anyone you feel might have use of it.
In Loving Partnership, Richard Hall

Point LePreau  Update and New Radioactive Waste Policy

Point LePreau Nuclear Power station: Application for unprecedented 25-year licence renewal (currently 5 years). Have your say before March 28th, using information and helpful tools at:
If the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission does not hear from the interested public, it could be 2047 before we next have any say!

New Draft Radioactive Waste Policy for Canada – open for comment until April 1st

In response to concerns by the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), the government has finally developed a draft policy based on consultations over 7 months, i.e., round tables and many written submissions. Council of Canadians and expert-citizen groups feel that the draft policy falls seriously short in numerous ways. Please read and consider signing this letter and sharing it widely.