Dear Friends,

Lent is fast approaching and maybe you are like me wondering how we can make Lent more meaningful in worship services and in our own lives. The United Church of Canada’s Guaranteed Livable Income Group has developed a resource for all congregations to use during this Lenten season. Perhaps this Lent, a way to draw closer to God is to learn more about how we can help our neighbours, many of whom are doing without the basic necessities of life – a safe place to live and food on the table.

Included are two resources. The first resource is a Candle Lighting Liturgy that reflects on various aspects of the Guaranteed Livable Income through the lens of faith. The second resource is Minutes for Mission on the Guaranteed Livable Income. Included in this resource are images and speaking notes to go along with the images. Each of these resources can be adapted for the best use in your local context.

May this Lenten season be a blessing to you.

The Rev. Miriam Bowlby
Chair, Justice, Mission & Outreach Committee

The Very Rev. Dr. Marion Pardy
Coordinator, NL UCC Guaranteed Livable Income


Guide for Looking at Guaranteed Livable Income through the Window of Lent

2022 Lent Guaranteed Livable Income Slides and Notes