Greetings from your Faith Story and Community Covenant Committee,

After many months, we are happy to announce that we have completed the 2021 Self-Assessment Process. Thank you to the 91 communities of faith who contributed information and to the various committees and divisions who provided feedback and questions which helped to guide this first big snapshot of our collective ministry as Regional Council 15.

The full dataset has been distributed to the committees and divisions of the Region, however we want to also provide here a brief summary of what you shared with us and what we learned about the realities of ministry in our Region in 2021. You may view this summary here [—] and are encouraged to share it within your communities of faith.

If you have specific questions about the data we collected, feel free to contact the committee through our Chair, Rev. Heather Fraser, at

The next Self-Assessment will be done in 2023. Until then, continue to be the bold, daring, Spirit-led communities of faith that we know you to be!

Many blessings on your ministry,

Your Faith Story and Community Covenenant Committee

How Are We Doing – A Report on the 2021 Self-Assessment Process