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Guaranteed Livable Income

Your Guaranteed Livable Income Advocacy team continues to participate in monthly national and Atlantic network meetings. A fair bit is going on across this country but our main focus now is to gain support from our MPs for the PEI pilot project. We have gone through the process to generate an official proposal that says in part:

  • In November 2020, the Prince Edward Island Legislature Special Committee on Poverty tabled a report calling for the creation of a guaranteed livable income (GLI) pilot programme for Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.);
  • This report has the support of all political parties in P.E.I. to establish a demonstration of a GLI project in that province; and
  • The benefits of such a programme for Canadians would be immense, helping to form part of the country’s post-COVID economic recovery, and help meet and solidify Canada’s commitment to implement the UN Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Read further information here and view/download the petition here.

Lepreau Licence Renewal – How Many Years will it be – 25, 20, 10, 5?

Check out a report ‘window’ on the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 3 days of public hearings on NB Power’s application for renewal of Point Lepreau Nuclear Power Station. Much of all three Atlantic provinces fall within the IAEA’s recommended “Ingestion Planning Zone”. Where are you situated?


West River United Church, in the growing community of Cornwall PEI, is seeking a full-time minister to join our ministry team who will help to keep us relevant as we build an affirming church of the future and follow Christ’s teachings. Find our Living Faith Story and details at or contact