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Submission Request for Weekly Announcements

From this week onwards your weekly announcements can be submitted online using the following link Submission Request for Weekly Announcements.  The link can be found just below the News and Updates from RC15 header in each weekly edition for ease of use.

Mileage Rate

At the June 23, 2022 meeting of the Regional Council Executive, the Division of Finance and Administration recommended that, due to the high cost of fuel, the mileage rate for regional related travel be increased from 30 (thirty) to 35 (thirty-five) cents per kilometer. Please note that this rate is for the volunteer work of the Region and does not pertain to the Pastoral Charge Supervision Policy. This increase will remain in effect until September 30, 2022, with the possibility for extension to December 31, 2022 if gas prices remain high.

Building God’s Beloved Community

Drawing on the expertise of the United Church theologians and ministers from across the country, this book outlines the church’s approach to some of the big questions, while offering insight into United Church worship, traditions, and history. An accessible and engaging primer designed to accompany those during their period of preparation-adult baptism, confirmation, or deeper study- this book will draw you closer to God as it invites you into beloved community and encourages you to move out into the world to love and serve.

Pre-orders are being taken, please contact Leona at to place your order. The price is 31.95 tax included.

Guaranteed Livable Income

Two wonderful evenings with John Bell at AST

Atlantic School of Theology is thrilled to invite you to two evenings with John Bell of the Iona Community in Scotland, July 19 and 20. John’s wise, witty, spiritually deep, and engaging style and content is well known all over the world. It will be a delight to share these evenings with him. What’s more, both evenings are free of charge!

Tuesday, July 19th, 7:00 pm: “THE HIDDEN HUMOUR IN SCRIPTURE”
Wednesday, July 20th, 7:00 pm: “A BIG SING: SING WITH THE WORLD”
(Come to either or both nights – you are warmly invited and welcome. Please wear a mask.)
LOCATION: St. Columba Chapel, Atlantic School of Theology, 660 Francklyn St, Halifax
Pre-registration required, register here.